All Saints Estate The Keep Golden Cream Sherry NV

All Saints Estate


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Country of Origin: Australia
Region: Rutherglen
Type: Dessert wine
Grape variety: Muscat
Vintage: NV
Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 18.0%
Body: Full
Sweetness: Sweet

Why we love this wine:

Indulge in this gloriously sweet, top-quality sherry. The bouquet of freshly crushed grapes and the amazingly complex and creamy richness in the palate are extremely seductive. Best served as a dessert at a cool temperature.

Winemaker / tasting notes:

Bright gold colour with appealing aromas of luscious, freshly crushed grapes. These sensations are carried through onto the palate. The mouth explodes with a profusion of fresh grape flavours adding a velvety texture to the wine; this results from the grapes being picked late in the season, at full ripeness. A young, fresh and appealing style of fortified wine with balanced sweetness.

With its rich mouth-filling flavours this wine could be sipped on its own or enjoyed with lighter desserts. Serve at room temperature, chilled or with your favourite mixer!

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