De Puta Madre-4-Pack

Crows Craft


Country of Origin: Philippines
Type: Craft Beer
Style: Imperial India Pale Ale
Size: 330ml
Alcohol: 8.0%

Why we love this beer:

Nothing better to calm your road rage after traveling the streets of Manila with Crows Craft's flagship beer -- De Puta Madre. This is a bold beer with a clean hop bitterness that is supported by a sufficient malt to create an incredibly flavourful DIPA.

Tasting notes:

'De Puta Madre!' : In Spain, this phrase or expression connotes a high compliment meaning that something is the coolest or best of its kind similar to phrases like 'the bomb', 'the shit' or 'this is sick'.

This is Crows flagship craft brew. Pulling-out all the stops, this double-IPA is extremely horrified in both taste and aroma, as shown in its IBUs exceeding 100 and an ABV of 8%.

This is NOT for everyone, this is brewed by a HopHead for HopHeads. This brew best exemplifies the Crows mission: 'We brew the beer we want to see in this world.'

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