Crazy Carabao Mixed Case 24 Pack + FREE Pilsner 6 Pack

Crazy Carabao Brewing Company


Buy 6 and enjoy 15% off on your purchase!

Get a FREE Crazy Carabao Pilsner 6 Pack whenever you buy ANY (already discounted) Crazy Carabao Beer by the Case of 24! (And we managed to get this out for you just in time for Octoberfest!)   

Crazy Carabao’s Beer range consists of 5 different great tasting locally brewed craft beer: their Pilsner, with floral aromas, malt flavors, & touches of spice; their Golden Ale, a refreshing, light, floral, & fruity brew; their Pale Ale, a pale malt ale with citrus & pine hops; their Wheat Beer, a light, New World Style Weizen with hints of coriander, citrus, & clove; and their IPA, a robust British Malt with intense tropical fruit notes. 



6 x Crazy Carabao Pilsner

6 x Crazy Carabao Golden Ale

6 x Crazy Carabao Pale Ale

6 x Crazy Carabao Wheat Beer

FREE 6 x Crazy Carabao Pilsner

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