Van Steenberge Belgian Beers Variety 24 pack

Van Steenburge


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For this week's Flash Sale, we bring you three (3) of Van Steenberge’s Belgian Beers that all undergo a unique secondary fermentation process that imbue them with both rich flavors and added complexity & character as these living beers continue to evolve in the bottle: the Augustijn Blond, a full-bodied monastery beer with mild hops notes and vanilla flavor; the Gulden Draak, a full-bodied stout beer with touches of chocolate & caramel; and the Piraat Amber Ale, a bold amber beer with a bitter sweet & spicy nose coupled with rich flavors.

Shop for our Van Steenberge Belgian Beers Variety 24 pack for only Php 3,190 - a 35% discount value!



6 x Piraat Amber Ale

6 x Gulden Draak

12 x Augustijn Blond Ale

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