A pioneer of the McLaren Vale vineyard region in Australia, Hardys represents 6 generations of family winemaking. Today they are a multi-regional brand with a diverse portfolio of wines perfect for any occasion. Browse the selection of Hardys wines below and discover easy-drinking everyday wines. Order today and enjoy secure online checkouts and nationwide delivery anywhere in the Philippines.

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Thomas Hardy is regarded as a father of the wine industry in South Australia. Starting his journey with Hardys in 1853 when he bought land on the banks of River Torrens. Just as he was looking to expand, the Tintara Vineyards Company came up for sale and so Hardy got a new winery. Then in 1887, Hardys officially became a family business when his sons came of age and joined the company. Today, they are a multi-regional brand with a diverse portfolio of wines that are loved worldwide.

Their Nottage Hill range is known for consistency, an approachable style, and balance. Every bottle is a vibrant, full-bodied, and rich expression of classic Australian grape varietals. Sipping on the Hardys Nottage Hill range delivers a rare concentration of fruit with a soft and smooth palate. For those who love the creativity behind blends, the Hardys Stamp range is for you. This range showcases the winemakers’ passion and skill by blending varieties from different regions around Australia. The VR, or Varietal Range, was created to share the diversity of wine in an uncomplicated way that everyone can enjoy. VR maintains the purity of single varieties without introducing complex secondary winemaking flavors.

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