Crows Pale Ale-4-pack

Crows Craft


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Country of Origin: Philippines
Type: Craft Beer
Style: American IPA
Size: 330ml
Alcohol: 6.0%

Why we love this beer:

This is an easy-drinking, moderately bitter Pale Ale that has surprising carbonation in every sip.

Tasting notes:

This is the showcase Pale Ale by Crows. Hoppiness in this craft is primarily shown through the citrus and pine-like aromas from the hops that come through predominantly over the malt. This pale golden amber-colored craft is a great entry-level beer. You need not worry about extreme bitterness as the expectation of high bitterness is muted upon tasting. It۪s a single-malt Ale that comes through with the light crisp mouthfeel and it packs a punch leaving you wanting for more.

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