Super Luxury & Iconic Wines

If it's true excellence you seek when it comes to wine, super luxury and iconic wines are the closest you can get to perfection. They're a benchmark wine, representing the pinnacle of their variety when it comes to intensity of flavor, balance, structure, and ability to age. So if you're looking for luxury iconic wines to add to your collection, shop our selection of 90+ point wines in the Philippines.

Invest in Luxury and Iconic Wines in the Philippines

What are super luxury and iconic wines and how do wines receive a 90+ score? Well when wines are tasted by wine critics they are often given a score out of 100, with most wines falling in the 80-90 range. They're judged based on the wines intensity of flavor, balance, structure, and longevity aka its ability to age. It's often this last aspect that will move a wine from a 90 point score up to a 100. This means that any wine that receives a 100 point score will not only be a pinnacle of its category but has the ability to age beautifully. In other words, these are fantastic wines if you're looking at building up your collection and if you're looking to invest into wine.

It's important to note that simply because wines have received 90+ points, doesn't mean they will taste the same across the board. After all, all wines are unique. It simply means that these wines have been deemed to have fantastic complexity and structure with layers to its flavors. If you're looking to add true luxury to your collection, we recommend buying a 90+ point wine that is of your favorite variety or from your favorite winery as it will represent the best of the best of that category or of that producer.

Ready to shop for perfection? Browse our selection of iconic 90+ point wines above and discover opulent hard-to-find wines from the USA, France, and Italy perfect for special occassions, entertaining VIPs, or as special gifts. Order online today and enjoy safe and secure delivery straight to your doorstep. We offer shipping options across the Philippines so no matter where you are, you can enjoy your favorite wines.