Now you can order wines from our online Manila wine shop and get wines delivered straight to your Davao address. Buying wines in Davao is fast and easy with Winery Philippines. No more traveling and no-hassle online wine shopping -- the best red wines, the best white wines, sparkling wines, and more!

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Looking for a wine store in Davao? Now you can order wines from our online Manila wine shop and deliver straight to your Davao address. No more traveling and no-hassle online wine shopping -- the best red wines, the best white wines, sparkling wines, and more! is pioneering the discovery of wine for wine lovers and wine-lovers-to-be in Davao through our world class curated online wine store. Committed to making great wine affordable for more Filipinos, we offer a wide selection of the best wines in the Philippines! We’ve partnered only with boutique wineries that are passionate about producing and selling great wines, so we can guarantee that every wine bottle included in our selection are some of the best wines in the Philippines.

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We sell a curated selection of wines from around the world. Wine lovers in Davao need not travel to Manila to try a Durif from Australia or a Malbec from Argentina -- our wide selection of wines are now available at your fingertips via our online wine store!


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Wine buyers in Davao can pay by card (via Paypal), Paypal or bank transfer! Paypal is our most preferred payment option and your most secure way to pay for your online wine shopping.


Delivers wine in the Philippines

We'll make sure that wine delivery in Davao reaches you in the fastest time possible! Delivery lead times is between 6-8 days within Davao City limits. We deliver on working days (excluding Sundays and holidays) from 9AM - 6PM.

Shipping Fees

We like to keep things simple and keep our shipping fees to a minimum so that you get more bang for your buck! 

Below are our standard shipping rates for wine in Davao.

Shipping Fees
Wine Delivery Davao 1-3 Php 600
4-6 Php 1,000
7-9 Php 1,500
10-12 Php 2,000
13-15 Php 2,800
16-18 Php 3,300
19-24 Php 3,800

Questions about Wine Delivery in Davao

Q: Do you ship to Davao?

A: Yes, we offer wine delivery in Davao. 

We work with a number of service providers to help facilitate a seamless, secure, and reliable delivery process. Shipping rates are outlined in the table above.

If you are ordering more than 24 bottles, please reach out to us via our hotline numbers 0917 500 4657 or (02) 7506 9185 or get in touch with us via email at sales at We can arrange for better, more cost-effective rates for bulk wine orders.

Upon check out, please select the APPROPRIATE choice under Shipping Method. Note that the shipping fees displayed is auto-calculated based on the number of bottles you have in your cart.

Shipping method


Q: Do you have a minimum order?

A: For wine orders from Davao, the minimum order is 3. 


Q: Do you accept Cash on Delivery for Davao wine orders?

A: No, Cash on Delivery is applicable only to Manila wine orders. You will need to settle payment via bank transfer or Paypal if you're ordering wine from Davao.







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