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Love wine and consume it regularly? Frustrated with the amount of choices in wine stores in Manila and unsure whether you’re getting a really good wine? You may have ended up with sticking to the “old reliables” – red wine, white wine or sparkling wine that you have tried in the past. Nothing wrong with that – but wouldn’t you want a wine delivery service that provides hand-picked, curated and consistently great wine?

Hurray, the Kavino Club is here!

Winery Philippines now offers an exclusive online wine subscription & wine delivery service through the Kavino Club!

We offer a wide selection of the best red wine, best white wine, as well as sparkling wines -- 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! We’ve partnered only with boutique wineries that are passionate about producing and selling great wines, so we can guarantee that every wine bottle included in our selection are some of the best wine in the Philippines.

Kavino Club offers three basic wine subscription packages and flexible payment options.

So, stop throwing away your money with “blind-purchase” supermarket wines, and start discovering wines that cater to your taste. Winery Philippines will take you on a wine journey across several continents and give you an opportunity to indulge in red wine and white wine, as well as other types of wines from the best wine producing regions across the world.

Kavino Club is the first online wine subscription service in the Philippines, brought to you by Winery Philippines. Winery Philippines aims to be Manila’s most trusted online wine store by carrying some of the best wine in the Philippines, providing easy access for customers to learn about wine, and guiding them on the most reliable methods on how to choose wine.