The face of the biggest wine e-commerce marketplace in the Philippines needs some moldingare you the hungry creative ready for this step-up opportunity?

You are...
Passionate for good food, drink and company in life
The sort who prefers the road less travelled
Know that first impressions are key!
Obsessed with customizing settings to be *just right*
Someone who enjoys a drink after a hectic day well-managed
Keen to be part of a team that fights alongside you in the trenches
A believer in ecommerce as the future of shopping

We are...
Relentless in delivering our promises
Passionate about helping customers shop better
Leave our egos at home
Believe there is no problem can’t be solved without creativity and grit
Share the company success with everyone who builds it
Would rather be the disrupter than the market leader
Care more about who you are and what you can do, than your past experience and background

What you'll do:
This role helps Philippine wine consumers to discover wine and other products they'll love through world-class ecommerce visual merchandising. You'll be designing and improving upon the existing commercial marketing templates and layouts to create a distinctive and consistent look across all communication channels, including the look and feel of the online storefront. You'll also be creating and submiting assets in a timely and accurate manner, making sure that all branded materials in deployment are properly in line with campaign requirements. Assets for deployment include but are not limited to: Evergreen products, campaigns, and other marketing communications.

You should be good at (or can quickly learn):
  • Photo/graphic design
  • Industrial design
  • Production of physical and digital collateral
  • Proofreading
  • 3D animation

You identify with most of the following behaviors:
  • Creative vision
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail
  • Team collaboration
  • High work standards
Role location: San Isidro, Makati City
Qualifications: College graduate in an arts-related field or professional with strong experience in design
Career stage: 2 - 5 years work experience
Salary range: 25 - 35k Gross monthly compensation; Government benefits; Monthly wine benefit

Please note: We will not review applications that do not contain both a ½ page cover letter and a resume. We strongly encourage applicants to take at least 20 minutes to prepare a thoughtful application based on who we are as a Company and the specifics information contained within the Job Description. We look forward to hearing from you!




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Grow with us! Take responsibility from day one, unleash your individuality, make an impact, and love your work. Enjoy a fun, working environment and free wine!

Winery Philippines ( curates and sells the best quality, value for money wines in the Philippines through our online wine marketplace, launched in 2017 by a group of passionate wine lovers, who wanted to drastically improve access to good quality wine for Filipinos.

We are pioneering the discovery of wine for the Filipino wine drinkers through our world class digital content and curation designed to empower our customers to discover wine, by providing easy to digest product information that is contextualized for the Filipino wine drinker. is committed to democratising the wine category, making good wine affordable for more Filipinos, who can be put off by the prevailing high prices to ensure a quality bottle, or else resorting to cheap but mediocre options to avoid ‘selection risk’. by contrast does not list mass-produced, factory made wines, but instead focuses on lowering the prices of quality wines that might cost 10-20 USD abroad, and getting these to consumers in the Philippines for the same price.