All Saints Rutherglen Muscat NV

All Saints


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Country of Origin: Australia
Region: Rutherglen
Type: Dessert wine
Grape variety: Muscat
Vintage: NV
Size: 375ml
Alcohol: 17.0%
Body: Full
Sweetness: Sweet

Why we love this wine:

Rutherglen muscat is now collecting awards globally for its fine excellence, deep, rich, delicious, and best paired to leche flan, roquefort cheese, and is guaranteed to turn any chocolate cake into 'blackforest cake'!

Winemaker / tasting notes:

Kaleidoscope hues of amber and gold, packed with lush raisined fruit flavours and intense aromas of rose petal and candied peel. This younger style of muscat is far more food-friendly than the much older fortified wines. Its freshness and lift make it a great match for all sorts of desserts. It can even be served chilled or drizzled over French Vanilla ice cream. All Saints Estate Muscat is an Australian fortified wine that has already done its ageing and is best consumed within a year of purchase. 

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