Ballantines 15 YO (Glenburgie) 700ml



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Country of Origin: Scotland
Liquor Type: Whiskey
Alcohol / ABV %: 40%
Size: 700ml

Description / Tasting Notes

One of the Single Malts hidden within Ballantine�s is made in Glenburgie Distillery � known for the old customs house that stands on its grounds. This distillery provides the Heart in Ballantine�s Blends, bringing balance. Glenburgie Single Malt is the oldest and most closely-guarded whisky used within Ballantine�s famous Blend. The first bottle of Glenburgie was distilled over two centuries ago. Ballantine�s founder, George Ballantine, recognised the perfect balance of its flavours, and bought stocks of whisky from Glenburgie to bring balance and harmony to his signature Blends. Its recipe has not been changed since he discovered it. Which means that the Glenburgie Single Malt in your glass tastes just the same today as it did in George�s day.

Tasting Notes
TASTE: The Glenburgie Single Malt forms the heart of a Ballantine�s blend, delivering concentrated fruitiness and honeyed sweetness. this whisky has a full and velvety texture
NOSE: Perfectly balanced, with aromas of soft red apples and pears
FINISH: Long and Round

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