Beringer Main & Vine White Zinfandel 2017

Beringer Vineyards


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Country of Origin:ÊUSA
Type:ÊRose wine
Grape variety:ÊZinfandel
Size: 750ml

Why we love this wine:

This wine is perfect anytime! Beringer's Main & Vine White Zinfandel has pleasing aromas with stone fruit flavours and just the right amount of sweetness. Well suited on its own but can also be paired with light meat such as chicken or light appetizers.

Winemaker / tasting notes:

Focus was to highlight the fresh red berry, citrus and melon aromas and flavors and round these out with subtle hints of nutmeg and clove. The wine has a youthful exuberance that is appealing to anyone looking for an uncomplicated wine to accompany a meal.

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