Beringer Mixed Red and White Wine Bundle of 6

Mixed Case


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Introducing top-rated wines from Beringer, a Napa Valley wine icon. This bundle is a mix of Beringer's top whites and mid range red wines. You'll have to be quick to snap up this bundle because it'll be available for a limited period only.

This bundle includes:

1 x Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay 2015 Napa Valley

1 x Beringer Chardonnay 2016 Napa Valley

1 x Beringer Founders' Estate Zinfandel 2015

1 x Beringer Founders' Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

1 x Beringer Founders' Estate Pinot Noir 2016

1 x Beringer Founders' Estate Merlot 2016

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