Crazy Carabao IPA - 6-Pack

Crazy Carabao Brewing Company


Country of Origin: Philippines
Type: Craft Beer
Style: West Coast IPA
Size: 330ml
Alcohol: 6.5%

Why We Love This Beer

Looking for a man sized meal of steak & ribs? Well, you would need a beer just as macho like this Crazy Carabao IPA. There is nothing subtle about this beer from the intense floral notes of the North American hops to the flavor packed British malt. So if you're going for aggressive flavors with both your food and your beer, you can't go wrong with this Man sized IPA.

Tasting Notes

This IPA is all about impact, big malt meets big hops. With intense tropical fruit notes from several North American hops and big British malts that provides sweetness up front followed by a cleansing bitter finish. Very aromatic from a good dose of dry hopping, this IPA is considered a big boy drink yet easy enough to handle. Take a hit. Food Pairing - Best paired with a carnivorous diet such as a big juicy steak and ribs.

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