Crazy Carabao Pale Ale - 6-Pack

Crazy Carabao Brewing Company


Country of Origin: Philippines
Type: Craft Beer
Style: American Pale Ale
Size: 330ml
Alcohol: 5.0%

Why We Love This Beer

If you love burgers & you love barbecue, look no further than this pale malt ale to complement your favorite dishes perfectly. To these flavor packed dishes, this beer is no shrinking violet - it won't get drowned out by these aggressive flavors but rather, it would round out these flavors excellently on your palate.

Tasting Notes

This Pale Ale is a modern version of the classic American pale ale style. Its firm bitterness matched with citrus and pine hops blend perfectly with the crystal malt giving you a bold beer that really packs a punch. Food Pairing - Best paired with burgers, barbecues, kebabs

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