Engkanto Live It Up Lager 330mL (4 Pack)




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Country of Origin: Philippines
Beer Style: American Lager
Producer: Engkanto
Alcohol / ABV %: 4.8%
Volume: 330ml

Tasting Notes

Emerging from classic European brewing techniques, Live It Up Lager goes beyond the boundaries with the use of hops grown outside Europe, that’s why we also call it a New World Pilsner. The result is a unique tropical profile that has notes of citrus, passionfruit, and melon.

Easily approachable for enthusiasts new to craft, our crisp and refreshing lager has the right touch of malt sweetness. A precise selection of high-quality Pilsner malt sets a balanced malt backbone with a subtle note of toasted biscuits. Pair this beer easily with light dishes such as salads, chicken, fish, or egg tarts.

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