Glenbrook Chardonnay 2020

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Country of Origin: USA
Region: California
Type: White Wine
Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2020
Size: 750ml
Alcohol Volume / ABV: 13%
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry

Why We Love This Wine

Located in a pristine glen deep in California's wine country, Glenbrook Vineyards is right in the middle of an idyllic backdrop with a cool & crisp burbling stream and old growth oak trees. A 3rd generation Family Estate, Glenbrook Wines are made with minimal human intervention where the magical provenance of this tranquil setting does all the talking through their traditionally crafted California wines. A lovely pale straw colored delight, all summer favorite, & all season staple, the award-winning Glenbrook Chardonnay conducts itself wonderfully light & fresh on the palate as it gently caresses & tantalizes your tastebuds. On the nose, green apple fruit aromas evocative of a clear & crisp spring morning marries characteristically well with Classic Party Favorites such as Mild & Soft Cheese Boards, Fresh Fruit, & Crunchy Vegetable Platters.

Winemaker / Tasting Notes

The pale straw color with aromas of fruit and green apples characterize our vintage Chardonnay.This is a lighter-style Chardonnay with fresh, clean fruit flavors and a smooth finish.Glenbrook Chardonnay is a great accompaniment to mild cheeses, chicken, veal and seafood.

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