Joseph Joseph Barwise One-Pull Waiter's Friend

Joseph Joseph


Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Dimension in mm: 143 x 25 x 5

BarWise㢠is a stylish range of bar tools that combines innovative function with intuitive design. Each product in the range has been carefully designed to make opening all types of capped or corked bottles easier and more convenient. Waiter's friend corkscrews can be intimidating to use with their two-step action that needs to be reset halfway through. The unique, angled design of the BarWise waiter's friend, however, allows you to remove the cork faster in a single, smooth action - meaning you don۪t have to be an expert to use one. It has a non-stick coated screw thread that glides easily into corks, an integrated foil cutter and a magnetic bottle cap opener. It۪s slimline shape makes it easy to store or take on a picnic. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

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