Kozel Dark Beer-6-Pack

Velko Popovicky Kozel


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Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Type: Imported Beer
Style: German-Style Dunkelweizen
Size: 330ml
Alcohol: 3.80%

Why we love this beer:

Perfect balance between bitterness and maltiness. Deliciously smooth and refreshing beer -- you'll want to stock up!

Tasting notes:

The dark lager from the Czech Republic is one of the best in the category worldwide, and it has been winning the award for the favorite dark beer in its native country for the past seven years in a row. Kozel is produced by high quality dark malts, and what distinguishes it from the other beers of its category is the fact that its foam is also dark. This comes as a result of using only natural ingredients in its production and no conservatives. Kozel has a wonderful light taste of caramel and hop, and a deep dark color. It is slightly sweet, with low alcohol content and a light smoky flavor.

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