Lolea White Sangria No. 2




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Country of Origin: Spain
Region: Aragon
Type: Sparkling Wine
Grape Variety: Macabeo/Airen
Vintage: NV
Size: 750ml
Alcohol Volume / ABV: 7%
Body: Light
Sweetness: Sweet

Why We Love This Wine

A great way to beat the heat with a refreshing pop of flavors featuring indigenous Macabeo & Airen Spanish grapes, fresh orange & lemon juice, as well as added touches of vanilla. This is a balanced & elegant Sangria evincing lemon, orange, & vanilla aromas along with persistent flavor hints of jasmine, apricot, & loquat displaying both a lively acidity & sweetness in equal measure.

Winemaker / Tasting Notes

A deliciously different take on Sangria made with Macabeo & Airen frizzante white wine, Mediterranean citrus, and a touch of vanilla.

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