Porto Quevedo Rose Port NV

Oscar Quevedo


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Country of Origin: Portugal
Region: Douro
Type: Dessert Wine
Grape Variety: Touriga Nacional
Vintage: NV
Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 18.5%
Body: Medium-Full
Sweetness: Sweet

Winemaker / Tasting Notes

The Quevedo Rosé Port is a Portugal wine perfect for cooling off during humid summer nights. It gives off a sweet aroma that evokes memories of lazy sunny days. At first taste, you are immediately greeted by the red fruity notes of strawberries and raspberries, before it finishes off silky and crisp on the palate. It owes its beautiful deep pink color to the careful preparation: a limited contact between the juice and skin of the grape during process, and fermented at cool temperatures for 10 days, ensuring the preservation of color and flavor. It is very easy to drink, and goes down smooth.

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