Rib Shack Red Vintage Blend 2019

Rib Shack


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Country of Origin: South Africa
Region: Western Cape
Type: Red Wine
Grape Variety: Shiraz, Pinotage
Vintage: 2019
Size: 750ml
Alcohol Volume / ABV: 13.5%
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry

Why We Love This Wine

Rib Shack is a quality wine from South Africa from Winemaker Douglas Green who is famous for crafting quality, value for money wines originating in South Africa with his smooth blending of Pinotage & Shiraz varietals. The Rib Shack Red Blend is a very versatile wine that pairs well with both meats & poultry. Its rich, dark berry flavors meld beautifully with a slightly smoky oak spice from wood maturation. As the weather turns chilly, it is easy to imagine sitting around a roaring fire sipping Rib shack Red while savoring a smooth & silky Brie or Camembert Cheese. Rib Shack Red, known as the Official South African BBQ Wine, will also pair perfectly with all kinds of BBQ Meats (obviously) as well as a Chicken Curry Stir Fry complementing spicy flavors with its sumptuous smoothness. This is a smooth & robust red from South Africa's Western Cape teeming with rich dark berry flavors integrated seamlessly with smoky oak spice.   

Winemaker / Tasting Notes

A full-bodied muscular red wine with rich, ripe, dark berry flavours and sumptuous smokey oakspice after wood maturation. This is a bold and expressive blend that balances the best of both Pinotage and Shiraz varietals with style and complexity right through to a smooth and juicy textured finish.

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