5 Filipino Liquors You Need To Try
July 24, 2023

5 Filipino Liquors You Need To Try

From the multi-awarded Ube Cream Liqueur to crowd-favorite beers like Engkanto Live It Up Lager, the local alcohol scene in the Philippines is slowly evolving and changing its ways. More than the lush landscapes brimming with natural beauty and cultural diversity, this country also takes immense pride in its local delicacies, and the world of beverages is no exception. Each bottle is crafted with imagination, passion, and creativity, all while being proudly Pinoy. And as much as beer bottles remain a staple in each Filipino household, it doesn’t hurt to expand one’s horizons and discover delicious and exceptional liquors that genuinely capture the essence of the Philippines.

Ube Cream Liqueur

Imagine the harmonious blend of the velvety Ube with smooth cream, creating an alcoholic drink that dances gracefully on your taste buds. The highly coveted Ube Cream Liqueur is a unique masterpiece that pays homage to the beloved Filipino ingredient – Ube. Its luscious taste, vibrant color, and inventive uniqueness make it stand out amongst other liqueurs, so it’s no surprise that this product is sold out everywhere. From its velvety smooth texture to the delightful blend of sweet and earthy notes, Ube Cream Liqueur embodies Filipino warmth and hospitality. Whether enjoyed on its own, over ice, or as a delightful addition to your favorite dessert cocktails, this indulgent liqueur promises a heavenly experience.

Zabana Tropical Spiced Rum

The sun-kissed shores of the Philippines have inspired the creation of Zabana Rum, a tantalizing tropical symphony that leaves your palate wanting more. Each sip of this handcrafted rum explores the rich flavors derived from sugarcane, aged to perfection in oak barrels. Savor the history and craftsmanship in every drop of Zabana Rum and experience the essence of the Philippines in a glass.

Engkanto Live It Up Lager

What’s a Pinoy alcohol list without beer? And Engkanto Live It Up Lager is here to elevate the everyday beer-drinking experience to a whole new level. Brewed with the finest local ingredients, this crisp and refreshing lager embodies the urban spirit of the Philippines. Whether you're winding down after a long day or celebrating life's victories with friends, Engkanto Live It Up Lager is the perfect companion to create lasting memories and cherish every moment.

ARC Barrel Reserve Gin

The Philippines being one of the top consumers of Gin, it should be no surprise to have a bottle of ARC GIn is on here. This bottle is a harmonious blend of handpicked botanicals; each carefully selected to showcase the diverse flora of the Philippines. Each sip unveils a burst of fresh and invigorating flavors, making ARC Gin a must-try for gin connoisseurs seeking a distinctively Filipino twist.

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka

Indulge in the delightful fusion of flavors with Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka. This uniquely Filipino-made beverage brings together the sweetness of caramel with a hint of salt, creating a captivating taste that celebrates the country's love for bold and innovative creations. Enjoy it as a delightful shot, or use it as a versatile base for creative cocktails that will leave a lasting impression.

As we raise our glasses to these proudly Filipino-made beverages, we celebrate the creativity, ingenuity, and passion that goes into crafting each bottle. From the sweet and salty Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka to the crisp and the refreshing ARC Gin, each drink embodies the spirit of the Philippines in its own unique way. So, here’s a toast to the authenticity and flavor of these exceptional libations, and take pride in the rich cultural heritage that they represent. Cheers to the Philippines and its world-class, proudly Filipino-made beverages! Be sure to check them out alongside 2,500+ products all at Winery.ph