Whenever you see this badge on any of our product pages, this means that the product qualifies for our Wine Quality Guarantee.

Our Commitment to Wine Quality

You deserve a great wine, everytime. If you are in any way not satisfied with the wine that you purchased from us, we will replace the item, or refund your payment.

The Winery.ph Wine Quality Guarantee

We go through great lengths to ensure the quality of our wine and all of the wines on Winery.ph that have our Quality Badge are backed by the Winery.ph Wine Quality Guarantee. This means that if for any reason you’re unhappy with your wine, we’ll do everything we can to fix it.

To report any issues, we kindly ask you to take 60 seconds to fill up our Wine Quality Incident Report. This will help us accurately assess your concern. It will also help us prevent similar incidents happening in the future so you and thousands of fellow Winery.ph Kavinos get the great wine you deserve.


The Winery.ph Wine Quality Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1.  Requests for replacement or refund shall only be entertained within 30 days of customer's receipt of goods. This is because we cannot guarantee the storage conditions of the wines once they are with the end-customer.
  2. We will require some quick information from the customer about the product so we can conduct our Quality Assurance (QA) test. Simply fill out our Wine Quality Incident Report and we’ll handle the rest. 
  3. We may request for the reported wine to be returned for further tests so we ask customers to keep the bottle at least half-full.
  4. Winery.ph shall be responsible for the collection of bottles to be returned, and fulfillment of replacement goods.
  5. If a replacement is requested, we will replace it with a new bottle of equal or higher value.
  6. Qualified requests for refunds shall be processed within 10 business days. Refunds can either be made direct to the bank account used to purchase the wines or as store credit.
  7. Where a customer has multiple wines that may have a quality issue, the unopened bottles may be returned for a credit memo. Replacement of unopened bottles is subject to a 20% restocking fee to cover the administrative and handling costs.
  8. The Winery.ph Wine Quality Guarantee covers all wine products on Winery.ph, including those part of Featured Collections and Flash Sales. Wines sold during major sales such as Mid-Year Clearance Sale will not qualify for Winery.ph Wine Quality Guarantee due to operational reasons and high discounts offered.
  9. The Wine Quality Guarantee Program is intended for use in bona fide cases of dissatisfaction with a chosen wine. The Management may at its discretion suspend the use of the of the Guarantee customers serially returning wine for reasons of personal preference or convenience or if being used to habitually to ‘try before you buy’.