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There are many types of beer that you can enjoy. Much like wine, they all have their unique flavors and colors. For instance, Pilsners and Pale Ales are loved for their clean and bright citrus flavors, with the latter having more hops. Indian Pale Ales (IPA) on the other hand, have even more hops and thus a more bitter taste. For those of you who prefer the more peppery or herbaceous flavors, Saison beers would be perfect.

However, if you prefer a fruitier palate then Wheat Beers are a good option. They have a fruity flavor with hints of spice as well as a creamy element. If Wheat Beers aren’t fruity enough for what you’re looking for, Fruit Lambics are a great option. But if it’s big and bold flavors you’re after, you should buy a Stout beer. These will typically have notes of chocolate, vanilla, as well as savory herb elements.

For something completely different, consider cider. Instead of using malt, ciders are made by using apples and contain bubbles to provide a refreshing drink. They also come in a variety of flavors from apple to pear to strawberry.

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