Benjamin Leroux: Epitome of Burgundian Excellence
July 10, 2023

Benjamin Leroux: Epitome of Burgundian Excellence

With an unwavering commitment to quality and a deep understanding of Burgundy's terroir, Benjamin Leroux has established himself as a renowned winemaker. Taking with him 23 years of working in the industry, he has brought to the table a rich selection of quality Burgundy wines. As we explore the winemaking philosophy of Benjamin Leroux, we also take a closer look at the remarkable lineup of wines he produces.

Passion for Wine

At a young age, Benjamin Leroux found himself surrounded by vines, despite not coming from a winemaking family. However, curiosity got the best of him which led him to the lycée viticole, a wine school in Beaune, at the young age of 15. During his years at the lycée viticole, Leroux managed to take on an internship with Paschal Marchand, one of the first wineries to have talked about biodynamics and sulfur reduction, which served as an eye-opener for him. His interest in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay led him to Domaine Drouhin in Oregon before returning to Burgundy to finish his degree in Oenology. After years of experience -- including being Comte Armand’s technical director and general manager at the age of 24 – Benjamin Leroux decided to take on a passion project; his first vineyard purchase was a mere 0.16 hectares in Beaune back in 2009 before expanding and purchasing another 3.5 hectares across various sites in Meursault, slowly growing his holdings to the 8 hectares he has today.

Crafting Wines with Terroir in Mind

Benjamin Leroux is a firm believer in the concept of terroir—the unique combination of soil, climate, and vineyard location that imparts distinct characteristics to wines. Leroux approaches winemaking with a profound respect for the land, expressing each vineyard site's essence. Though he worked organically and biodynamically from the beginning, it took him several years to apply for organic certification in 2016. By meticulously studying and understanding the intricacies of each terroir and marrying this with his philosophy on winemaking, Leroux is able to create wines that beautifully showcase the unique personality and nuances of the vineyards. For him, it was important to make the appropriate choice for each vineyard, a choice that must take into account differences in genetic material, vine age, and health, soil type, at what stage each vineyard is in its conversion to organics and biodynamics, and most importantly, the climate specific to the season at hand. His wines have an incredible ability to reflect its vineyard and grape varieties, providing a genuine taste of Burgundy's diverse terroir.

Exploring Leroux's Wines

Benjamin Leroux is a winemaker who truly understands and respects the Burgundian terroir. Through his meticulous approach and unwavering passion, he crafts wines that showcase the unique character of each vineyard site, and this collection at offers an opportunity to experience his remarkable skill firsthand. Check out this video, where our in-house experts, Roxanne and Miggy, walk us through these outstanding wines.

Benjamin Leroux Meursault-Blagny La Piece Sous Le Bois Premier

Starting this lineup is one of the highest Premier Cru in Mersault. A truly beautiful Chardonnay that is proud of the ground it was planted on. It’s perfumed with notes of white flowers, juicy pears, almonds, citrus zest, and tinges of oak. Surely a treat for those wanting flavors of ripe apples as they sip their wines. A perfect dinner to bring to a casual dinner alongside some Buttered Shrimps or even a Roast Chicken with Mushroom Gravy.

Benjamin Leroux Saint Romaine Sous Le Chateau

Next, we’ve got another juicy interpretation of Chardonnay from one of the best-known vineyards in the Saint-Roman appellation. An aromatic white wine that boasts of honeysuckles and white flowers. It’s a buttery and complex wine, all while being juicy with flavors of sweet lemon — a beautifully balanced wine for a day-out picnic with friends paired with some Baked Oysters.

Benjamin Leroux Volnay Clos De La Cave Premier Cru

Coming from the vineyard of Leroux’s righthand man, this sensual wine captivates you with aromas of wild berries, dark chocolate, plum, and potpourri. It’s rich with powdery tannins and mouthwatering flavors of flavors of fruit, followed by a hint of oak and spice. A wine that will easily impress family and friends.

Benjamin Leroux Pommard Rugien Hauts Premier Cru

This red wine captures the essence of Pommard. A beautiful wine with a vibrant mineral-driven bouquet. Unraveling layers of dark cherry, earthy undertones, and nice —a true reflection of the Rugien Hauts village's renowned terroir. Open this bottle during your next big celebration, perhaps with some Braised Short Ribs – a recipe for a truly memorable evening!

Whether you choose to explore his entry-level wines or indulge in the premier crus, you can expect elegance, complexity, and a true expression of Burgundy's terroir. So, if you are a wine enthusiast seeking wines that capture the essence of Burgundy and the dedication of a skilled winemaker, look no further than the remarkable lineup of Benjamin Leroux's wines available at