Celebration in a Bottle: A Wine Gift-Buying Guide
December 21, 2020

Celebration in a Bottle: A Wine Gift-Buying Guide

If you’ve decided to level up your gift-giving game this Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. While it may be a challenge to get friends and family the perfect gift, giving them a bottle (or two) of wine they’ll love is easy! Instead of asking them straight out what they like and spoiling the surprise, you can ask them questions that will give you a clue as to what kind of wine to get them.  

What is your favorite kind of food?

Based on their replies, like Italian food (a common choice), you can give them a bottle of Chianti (red) or a Pinot Grigio (white), which will pair very well with many Italian dishes. You can’t get more Italian than with a bottle of Il Poggione Rosso Di Montalcino Sangiovese 2015, which complements pasta with a tomato-based sauce. A Chianti Classico, such as Uggiano Chianti Classico Prestige Docg 2017, pairs excellently with the all-time Italian favorite, Ossobuco. 

If they like Spanish cuisine, you may pick up wine made from the Tempranillo grape, such as Torre Solar Tempranillo Syrah 2018. This is a delightful gift for those who enjoy Spanish tapas and the fantastic food from this part of the world, like Fabada with its rich chorizo and ham flavors.  

Now, if they reply to your query with a specific food such as steak or even a burger, then you can get them a splendid Cabernet Sauvignon such as All Saints Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, which is the ideal wine for a meat or steak enthusiast. 

What is your favorite fruit?

This is another question that, when answered, will give you a rough idea of what your intended recipient may enjoy drinking. White wine imparts fresh fruity flavors, so if the reply is “pineapple,” then Château Gantonnet Bordeaux Blanc 2018 is highly recommended, if it’s “bananas or mangoes,” add Montes Alpha Chardonnay 2017 to your cart, and if they love strawberries, throw Stella Bella Shiraz 2016 into your cart quickly. All wine purchased this season is tastefully packaged and comes with attractive gift tags. 

Make Wine Gifting Easy!

Still unsure what wine to give? We’ve made it even easier to decide with our Christmas Gift Sets. These sets are grouped by wine type or country varietal (Chilean Merlot, Italian Chianti, French Chardonnay, et al.). Packaged stylishly and with gift cards, too, they make all your “interview questions” to those on your gift list truly worthwhile because now you’ll have not just clues as to what to give them but gift sets that will fit their preferences, and yours, perfectly!

While this Q&A method may be a tad time-consuming, primarily as the Holiday draws nearer, you may opt to take the easy but fabulous way out by giving our Gift Hampers instead. Our hampers are carefully curated with quality-guaranteed wine paired with gourmet items such as premium pasta, olives, lentils, crackers, fruit preserves, and a host of other premium quality food.

Absolutely no need to even step out of your safety zone since everything, as usual, is done online and delivered to your intended recipients directly. Just choose the hampers you’d like to give, packaged either in festive cellophane-wrapped gift baskets or stylish and durable shipper boxes, and we’ll do the rest.

With our gift hampers, the only question you’ll need to ask is, “How much can you eat and drink?”