Chandon Holiday: The Season For Sparkling Wine
November 13, 2023

Chandon Holiday: The Season For Sparkling Wine

It's that time of the year — trees are being put up decorated left and right, you can hear Jose Mari Chan blasting in malls, and of course, the preparation for gift giving and reunions are on their way. As the festive season sweeps in, the Philippines gets adorned in holiday cheer, and what better way to elevate the excitement than with a glass of effervescent bubblies? While luxury sparkling wines such as Moët & Chandon's Champagne or Veuve Clicquot often grace special occasions, there's a new option that's ready to redefine your holiday traditions: Chandon.

From the same house of Moët & Chandon, Chandon sparkles as a modern, approachable alternative. One that despite being part of the renowned house of LVMH, is much more down to earth. Chandon doesn’t have to wait for “special” occasions to be opened and enjoyed. Instead, it’s there to help you celebrate life’s everyday moments whether big or small. 

They’ve accomplished this by maintaining their French heritage but adapting to new world innovations to bring you this affordable luxury. So sit back and relax as we introduce you to your new everyday drinking sparkling wine.

The Fusion of Traditions

Chandon came to life when Robert Jean de Vogue, the Director of Moet & Chandon, realized that wine-growing regions other than Champagne could produce high-quality wines. Together with winemaker Renaud Poirier, they came across Mendoza, Argentina. Already a renowned wine-growing region in the country, Mendoza has a terroir perfect for producing wines with great structure and balance. Thus in 1959, Chandon Argentina opened up as the first Moet & Chandon daughter company to establish itself overseas. Armed with 270 years of French heritage combined with new world innovations, Chandon started producing fantastically balanced wines. 

Today Chandon has locations worldwide: Australia, California, China, Argentina, Brazil, and India. This has made them known as the only label in the world where the sun never sets. This is what allows them to offer high-quality sparkling wines at more cost-friendly prices. In fact, some of you in the Philippines may be wondering why you’ve heard of Chandon before, and that’s because you probably have. 

Chandon used to be available in the Philippines but under Domaine Chandon Australia. Due to production costs, bottles were priced at a higher tier and were less attractive to a still-emerging community of Filipino wine drinkers. However, now that Chandon is being brought in under Chandon Argentina - where there are higher production yields - you can find Chandon under ₱1,000.

Elevate Celebrations with Chandon

In a country where we like to celebrate small and big milestones alike, whether it’s a grand Christmas family reunion or it’s simply a casual get together with friends, Chandon is the perfect companion for your holiday festivities.

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Chandon Garden Spritz

Typically, a summer spritz, the Chandon Garden Spritz combines the fan-favorite Chandon Brut with their own orange-bitter liqueur made from Valencia oranges and macerated with dried orange peels, herbs, and a secret mix of spices. After 64 times and 4 years, Chandon developed the perfect balance between bubbly and liqueur and between bitterness and sweetness. The result: a naturally delicious, ready-to-serve rose and orange-hued aperitif. It’s the perfect refreshing and uncomplicated drink to have with friends, plus it uses roughly 50% less sugar than an ordinary spritz. Enjoy it with some starter Jamon while you wait for your actual Christmas ham or even with your favorite Christmas Salad. 

Chandon Délice

Playful and unassuming, Chandon Délice is a semi-sweet, refreshing wine with tropical and citrus fruit notes, such as apple and nectarine. We think this is best served over ice with a garnish of your choice such as basil, ginger, or cucumber, or even as a sweet addition to your favorite sangria recipe. If you like Moscato d’Asti then this is definitely one to try! Have it with your honey-glazed Christmas ham and you just might be surprised

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Chandon Brut

The classic take on sparkling wine, Chandon Brut takes on all of the traditions of Champagne. Pop open a bottle and enjoy fresh and crisp flavors of peach, apple, and citrus with a touch of creaminess. You can serve this alone as an aperitif or with dishes like Baked Brie or a .

Chandon Rosé

A beautiful pale pink color, Chandon Rosé is silky and balances perfectly between fruity and floral. When you take a sip of this you’ll find flavors of fresh strawberries, watermelon, and cherry that linger on the palate. Add a touch of magic to your Christmas dinner with this Rosé wine at your table. You can drink it alone or with a Lechon or Paella. 

Whether you seek a classic sparkling treat, a pink and fruity delight, or a refreshing sip over ice, Chandon Sparkling Wine beckons. Uncork a bottle, pour a glass, and relish in the joy of the season's little pleasures.

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