#DrinkforaDifference: You Can Now Donate to NGO Waves for Water When You Order at Winery.ph
April 01, 2024

#DrinkforaDifference: You Can Now Donate to NGO Waves for Water When You Order at Winery.ph

Fact: In the Philippines, 1 in 10 people still do not have access to safe, clean drinking water—and it threatens not just their communities’ health and sanitation, but also their own development.

To join the fight to provide clean water access for all, Winery.ph, the Philippines’ largest online wine and spirits marketplace, has officially launched its donation program on its website. Named Wine Into Water, this program allows website customers to make donations alongside their purchases to non-profit organization Waves For Water, which works with and for underserved communities in providing clean water access.

How to Donate to Waves for Water Philippines Via Winery.ph

  1. Visit Winery.ph and add your desired items to their cart
  2. Click checkout
  3. Fill in customer and shipping details
  4. Before paying, select the Shop Sustainably option and indicate how much to donate. The default options are 1%, 3%, and 5% of total order value, but you may also input any amount you’d like
  5. Proceed to payment


Where Your Donation Goes

100% of all donations will be used to support the activities of Waves For Water in the Philippines, serving all of its 82 provinces’ underserved communities. 

“Waves For Water has been around in the Philippines for over 10 years now,” says Jenica Dizon-Mountford, Country Director for Waves For Water Philippines. “We’ve impacted 82 provinces—from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi—where we have a presence in implementing over 24,000 filters now, positively impacting the lives of over 2 million Filipinos. Our mission is to provide access to clean water, and we are very excited to announce this collaboration with Winery.ph because we become closer to making this a reality for all Filipinos.”

“We all know the story of Jesus Christ turning water into wine,” says Winery.ph Managing Director Chris Urbano. “Being a champion of the poor, I’m sure he would not mind that we turn wine back into water to help provide for disadvantaged Filipino communities. Winery.ph is thrilled to announce this partnership with Waves For Water, and through this program, we hope to support its activities as a wine-loving community together with our customers.”

Waves for Water Philippines Country Director Jenica Dizon-Mountford and Winery.ph Managing Director Chris Urbano

About Winery.ph 

Winery.ph was first conceived in 2016 by a passionate group of wine lovers who wanted to improve access to good-quality wine for Filipinos—today, it is the Philippine’s largest online marketplace for wines and spirits. With “Vino for the Filipino” as its mission, Winery.ph focuses on 1) offering the widest selection of wine from the world’s top region for the best possible prices; 2) reliably delivering its products nationwide (with same-day delivery in Metro Manila); and 3) allowing customers to shop with confidence with an empowering 100% Wine Quality Guarantee; and 4) sharing daily educational content by wine experts on its social media platforms to create a safe space for Filipinos to know more about wine. To learn more, visit the Winery.ph website or follow @wineryph on Facebook and Instagram.

About Waves For Water Philippines

Waves For Water is a non-profit organization that works on the frontline providing aid and clean water solutions to communities in need around the world. Since it began its operations in the Philippines in 2013, Waves For Water has implemented over 24,000 filters that now positively impact the lives of millions of Filipinos in all 82 provinces of the archipelago.  Its mission is to make easy access to clean water a reality for all Filipinos—improving personal and civic well-being, enhancing all-around health, reducing poverty and indigence, and increasing opportunities for education and employment, all resulting in overall individual and community advancement. To learn more, follow @wavesforwaterphilippines on Instagram and Facebook.