Hardys Wines: 170 years of Australian Winemaking
January 20, 2023

Hardys Wines: 170 years of Australian Winemaking

Often when we think of Australian wines, Hardys comes to mind – and being one of Australia’s oldest wineries, it truly has made a name that’s marked the hearts of wine lovers around the globe. Founded in 1853, Thomas Hardy bought land on the banks of the River Torrens which he called ‘Bankside’, and pioneered quality and sophisticated winemaking in Australia. He believed that more than just creating top-quality wine, there is also something to be found in blending the best grapes from different regions – this is what Hardy’s stands for that has greatly captivated wine lovers over the decades. Since then, five generations of the Hardy family have taken over and elevated the company’s top-of-the-line viticulture.

Producing a variety of wines at different price points, there is definitely a bottle of Hardys for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to wind down after a long day, enjoy a special dinner out with a significant other, or celebrate a big moment in life, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect bottle for you. In this specific line-up, Winery.ph features Hardys premium takes on some of the Philippines’ favorite varietals – Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Tintara Wines: Age-Old Methods with New-Age Technique

This mid-end range of wines is made in McLaren Vale where Hardy’s HQ and its Tintara vineyard are located. What started off as a stand-alone vineyard, Thomas Hardy bought Tintara vineyards in hopes to expand Hardys Wines in 1876. This is now home to the powerhouse brand as we know it today as they beautifully showcase the combined tradition of what Tintara vineyards once was and the modern technology that is used to make the one of Australia’s most recognizable wines.


Hardys Tintara Reserve Shiraz 2019

Nothing less to expect from a McLaren Vale Shiraz from Hardys. A powerful, complex, and vibrant wine that is fruit-forward, showing mouth-watering characteristics of dark berry fruit, nuts, and chocolate. With more to offer, this bottle has a kick of spice when tasted, followed by flavors of coffee and chocolate, reminiscent of something as delectable as a chocolate-covered berry. It also has considerable structure, soft tannins, and a great length of palate. The best wine to bring out and share on a barbeque cookout or a grilling session with friends and family.

Food Pairing: Barbeque, Baby Back Ribs

Hardys Tintara Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

An elegant and balanced wine showing impressive Cabernet varietal character with great complexity, texture, and length. The bouquet is packed with juicy red fruits and some caramelization that brings forward an irresistible sweetness unique to this bottle. A truly remarkable wine with a roundness to match a night of self-care and me-time, enough to spoil yourself with.

Food Pairing: Crispy Pata or Burger

Heritage Reserve Bin: Handpicked Grapes from the Best Regions

Thomas Hardy is known to be the founding father of blended grapes from multiple regions in Australia. He believed that this technique would complement and enhance the qualities of each region, allowing them to deliver a brilliant bottle. This is the birth of Hardys rich blending heritage – each new blend is given a unique code and labeled Heritage Reserve Bin or HRB.

HRB Hardy’s Shiraz 2018

A truly harmonious wine, blending together Shiraz grapes from some of the greatest wine regions of Australia in order to highlight the greatest attributes of those regions in a way that complement one another. For this 2018 vintage of HRB Shiraz, the fruit was sourced from premium vineyards in McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, and Frankland River, resulting in a wine that is savory and meaty accompanied by high acid. A bottle of wine that is bold and juicy, a great wine to be had with a special someone on date night.

Food Pairing: Flame Grilled Wagyu

HRB Hardy’s Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

A bottle of the HRB Cabernet Sauvignon is made with top-end parcels of Cabernet from Coonawarra, Frankland River, and McLaren Vale. These are hand-picked and sorted before undergoing a cool natural open fermentation, basket pressing, and aging in fine-grain French oak. Meticulous blending has resulted in this outstanding example of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon from an impressive vintage that smells and tastes very green. The wine brings forth notes of bell peppers and menthol, yet is still sharp and buttery – almost like biting into a baked tart. A sophisticatedly made wine that will surely open the eyes of one-track Napa Cab-loving friends to other regions that make great Cabernet Sauvignon.

Food Pairing: Lechon or Cochinillo

Hardy’s Family Wines: Legacy and Luxury in a Bottle

Eileen Hardy Shiraz 2016

This lush bottle of wine was made to honor the Hardy family matriarch and coined first lady of Australian Wine, Eileen Hardy. Using only the very best handpicked parcels of Shiraz from McLaren Vale to carry the “Eileen Hardy” name, Hardy’s created this bottle of wine that is sweet and balanced to represent her love for life.

With captivating aromas of mulberry, dark plum, and blueberry fruit followed by hints of coffee, star anise, and cinnamon. This bottle of Shiraz is polished with notes of leather and earth, adding a deep character to the bouquet. The perfect bottle to impress your friends on a dinner out, this will surely be a great point of conversation.

Food Pairing: Rack of Lambs with baby potatoes and chimichurri sauce

Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

This brilliant wine was made in honor of Hardy’s founding father, Thomas Hardy. Since he started making wines, Hardy’s has only strived to produce and create wines that are of the highest quality. This bottle of Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon represents the pinnacle of their winemaking technique and viticulture. A bottle of power and finesse.

The rich mix of aromatics gives you notes of sweet plum, mint, and mulberry fruits topped with cloves and nutmeg. The maturation in French oak resulted in subtle cedar wood notes. Densely flavored palate showing sweet bright fruits of dark plum and ripe berry beautifully integrated with oak spice and sweetness. A wine that screams elegance and power, ideal for celebrating great life milestones.

Food Pairing: USDA Prime Rib

There is much that goes into crafting each bottle of wine in Hardys beautiful range of reds. And despite these coming from the same grape varietals, one can’t deny that all of them possess a certain uniqueness that makes them all the more delightful for different types of consumers. It’s all just down to finding the right one for you. You can shop the entire collection of Hardys and 2,000+ more wines on the Winery.ph website!