Penfolds Wines: A Heritage of Australian Winemaking
March 20, 2023

Penfolds Wines: A Heritage of Australian Winemaking

Considered one of the most respected and iconic brands of Australian wines, Penfolds has had over a century to perfect what is now a staple name in the country – and around the world. Housed across some of South Australia’s best wine regions with Magill Estate at its heart, Penfolds is truly a jewel of its region.

With the accessibility of Australia-made wines, it makes you wonder: what makes Penfolds so renowned and highly-sought? The answer lies in the way the brand has been driven by different generations, with the same vision to merge science, art, and innovation to create wines that are approachable and sophisticated.


In 1844, long-time believers in the medicinal properties of wine, Dr. Christopher and Mary Penfold brought over vine cuttings to make fortified wines in Australia to initially serve as treatment for Christopher’s patients. This marked the beginning of the well-known brand that we’re familiar with now. After Christopher’s death in 1870, Mary took full charge of the winery’s production, which eventually catapulted the brand into being one of the region’s main wine producers.

Years later, in 1948, around the 100-year mark since the brand’s birth, Max Schubert became the company’s first Chief Winemaker. Daring to revolutionize Australian wines, he created what is now the country’s most revered wine: The Penfolds Grange, which has since been awarded 100 points by critics and publications. Schubert’s take on a Shiraz is what cemented Penfolds into being esteemed by generations of Australian and international wine collectors.

From then on, the brand has only grown and strengthened its reputation by continuously creating top-quality wines for everyone to try.


The BIN 389, also known as the “Baby Grange,” is one of the country’s best-cellaring red wines. This wine was created during the development of the Grange, and Max Schubert’s pursuit to create a range of wines that bear an unmistakable resemblance to each other throughout vintages.

This cemented BIN 389’s reputation amongst red wine drinkers, because of the way it marries the structure of a Cabernet Sauvignon with the luscious richness of a Shiraz. It’s a bottle that has also been well-received by renowned critics like Ken Gargett, James Suckling, and Nick Stock. BIN 389 has also garnered an outstanding 98 points from Andrew Caillard Master of Wine. With a well-balanced combination of fruit and oak, perfumed with layers of flaked coconuts, vanilla, and juniper; almost like an old-fashioned cake, this well-rounded wine possesses the juicy dark cherry characteristics of a Cabernet Sauvignon and the meaty notes you would typically find in a Shiraz. It is full and bold as it goes down, exemplifying the signature Penfolds mouthfeel.

Penfolds’ craftsmanship does not stop at the “Baby Grange,” however – it is home to many more approachable bottles that can cater to anyone and everyone.


An imaginative wine that is reflective of the Max Schubert standard, this Shiraz isn’t meant to be aged, unlike other heavy reds. With no aeration necessary, it’s balanced with structure. Very floral smelling with a touch of cola, it’s a wine that would go well with fatty food like Osso Bucco or a Chilli Con Carne on a movie night.


This is a lovely and approachable white wine that boasts tropical fruit characteristics with a surprisingly savory finish. The Koonunga Hill Chardonnay is the perfect bottle for a slow and easy day lunch paired with some creamy pasta or a nice Butter Garlic Roast Chicken.


A wine that is more youthful and a touch exotic, the Shiraz Cabernet from Penfolds’ Koonunga Hill range is savory and spicy, yet reminiscent of fruitcake when you smell it. This is the bottle of wine to bring on a weekend with family while you grill a rack of ribs. Very much a food wine.


Showcasing the warm Australian climate, the Bin 28 Shiraz is ripe and full of flavor. Flavors of milk chocolate and coconut shavings with a dash of cinnamon syrup jump out at you. It’s mouth-coating and chewy, with just the right amount of zing cutting through. This is a bottle that feels like being wrapped in a warm hug, especially if you pair it with a nice bowl of Bulalo on a cold night out of town.


With the wide range of Penfolds wines to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will sit well with your palate and excite your senses. With over a century of winemaking under its belt, Penfolds masterfully brings out uniquely different characteristics from the same varietals across their different ranges and vintages. Browse the entire Penfolds collection on to explore more!