Sand Point: Responsibly Farmed and Sustainable California Wines

May 16, 2022

Sand Point: Responsibly Farmed and Sustainable California Wines

Between the rolling foothills and the California Delta sits the LangeTwins family farm: home to five generations of wine grape farmers, sustainability is at the core of everything they do. Whether it's rehabilitating the environment they’re surrounded by, developing sustainable farming practices, or off-setting their carbon footprint, every decision they make is intended to benefit the land, their business, their team, and the communities in which they live. In short, treating the land with respect is a pillar of the Lange’s daily lives, both in their homes and at the winery. 

This commitment to choosing a better path is honored through their wines under the Sand Point label, named after the area LangeTwins is rehabilitating. 

LangeTwins Habitat Restoration

Growing up on the land, Brad and Randall Lange know its habitat like the back of their hand — and just like many of us are witnessing, they noticed it was vanishing before their eyes. So they made the switch to crafting wines using only responsible farming practices. Then in 2014, they began their habitat restoration project, working to return the seven acres of family ranch along the Mokelumne River, known as Sand Point, back to its natural vegetative state. 

They started by nurturing oak trees, planting California native vegetation, building bird boxes, and welcoming healthy populations of coyotes, deer, beavers, turtles, bobcats, and more. It’s a constant effort every day but something the Lange family truly believes in. It’s these same principles that they have adopted into their winemaking processes. 

Keeping the soil, air, and water healthy is key in their process. They take regular soil samples to measure the nutrient mix and water capacity. Dated engines have been replaced with efficient, clean-burning alternatives as well as multi-row machinery to limit vineyard passes. In 2004 a photovoltaic solar system was installed and today there are multiple systems in place to help power the winery. 

If you're interested to know more about the inspiration behind Sand Point wines (as well as some delicious pairings you can find from your favorite Makati restaurants), check out the blog from our friends at The Wine Club

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Sand Point Wines

This brings us to their wines, with many labels under LangeTwins, Sand Point is the one made to honor the family’s sustainable efforts. Made onsite in Acampo, California with simple, clean, and straightforward winemaking processes, Sand Point highlights the regions most versatile and most-loved wine grapes. They're all certified as sustainable wines by LODI RULES. The result? Delightful and approachable wines crafted to welcome friends and family at your table. 

Sand Point White Wine

If you like your wines light and fresh, the Sand Point Sauvignon Blanc is perfect. It’s lively and crisp with vibrant citrus aromas and flavors that are softened by hints of apple and tropical notes. For something with some floral notes, look to the Sand Point Pinot Grigio. Opening with a bright citrus aroma, the first sip brings with it a zesty lemon flavor that comes together with mellow floral notes. If you’re in the mood for a bolder white wine, give the Sand Point Chardonnay a try. Layered with smooth tropical fruit and bright apple notes, this Chardonnay also has a toasty mellowness thanks to oak aging.  

Sand Point Red Wine

Who doesn’t love a good Californian red wine? An immediately approachable wine, the Sand Point Pinot Noir has aromas and flavors of ripe strawberry and cherry cola and due to oak aging there are hints of soft spice. If you’re looking for something a bit deeper then try the Sand Point Zinfandel: bursting with juicy dark berry aromas and flavors followed by a touch of spice typical of a Zinfandel. Then we have the cab sauv: The Sand Point Cabernet Sauvignon is bold and flavorsome with bright berry aromas and flavors of dark cherry and ripe raspberry. When you take a sip you’ll enjoy a juicy mouthfeel that is balanced by soft spice notes that have developed from oak aging. 

Whether you prefer a light Pinot Grigio or a bold Cabernet Sauvignon, buying a bottle of Sand Point is a decision to support a healthier planet. Now that’s something we can all cheers to.

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