USA Wines You Should Know About

September 25, 2023

USA Wines You Should Know About

When you talk about wines from the United States, regions like Napa Valley and Sonoma County immediately come to mind with their ripe Cabernet Sauvignons and oaky Chardonnays. However, there's so much more to the US wine scene than those two regions. In fact, there are some that break the typical impression of what is known to be your New World US wines with their impressionable and unique characteristics.

Napa and Sonoma might be the stars of American viticulture, but for those who seek a different, perhaps more understated, yet equally enthralling wine experience, there are other regions to explore. Two such regions that deserve the spotlight are Santa Barbara in California and the Columbia Valley in Washington State.

The Hilt Estate: Elevating Santa Barbara's Elegance

Nestled along the rugged coastline of California, Santa Barbara County is a wine region that dances to its own rhythm. When you think of California, you may envision sunny beaches and palm trees, but Santa Barbara offers a distinctive terroir influenced by the cool oceanic breezes sweeping in from the Pacific. This unique climate has given birth to wines that exude elegance and finesse. Found in this region is the picturesque, Santa Rita Hill where The Hilt Estate is found. With a deep reverence for the land and an unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of a unique terroir, this narrative belongs to The Hilt Wines, a brand that embodies the art of crafting elegant, expressive wines that reflect the soul of Santa Barbara's coastal landscape.

The Hilt Wines at

The Hilt Wines draws its inspiration from the Santa Rita Hills, a region characterized by its cool oceanic influences. Here, the Pacific Ocean's proximity tempers the climate, creating a microcosm where the vines thrive. The Hilt Estate's vineyards are nestled amidst rolling hills and rocky soils, a landscape sculpted by nature to produce wines of finesse and distinction.The Hilt Chardonnay 2016 is a true masterpiece that exemplifies the brand's commitment to crafting exceptional wines that capture the essence of their region.

The Hilt Chardonnay 

As you pour a glass of The Hilt Chardonnay 2016, you are immediately transported to the sun-kissed vineyards of Santa Barbara. This Chardonnay, with its delicate notes of green apple, pear, and a hint of vanilla, is a testament to the cool oceanic influences that shape the region's terroir. It's a sip of California sunshine, a wine that tells the story of a region steeped in winemaking history.

The Hilt Estate's commitment to showcasing Santa Barbara's unique climate and soils shines through in every bottle, making their Chardonnay a must-try for those seeking the essence of this remarkable region.

Nine Hats Wines: The Columbia Valley's Versatility

Heading north on the other side of the country, in the heart of Washington State, lies the Columbia Valley. It's a region that defies the stereotype of Washington as a wet, gray state. Instead, the Columbia Valley boasts a diverse landscape, where rolling hills and a tapestry of microclimates converge to create a rich, terroir-rich canvas for winemakers.

The story of Nine Hats Wines begins with a group of winemakers and viticulturists who shared a profound passion for the bountiful terroirs of the Columbia Valley. These visionary individuals believed that by wearing "nine hats," symbolizing their multifaceted roles in the winemaking process, they could collectively create wines that celebrate the region's diversity.

Central to the ethos of Nine Hats Wines is their belief in the power of collaboration. Instead of being tied to a single vineyard, they source grapes from various sites across the Columbia Valley. This approach allows them to harness the distinctive characteristics of different microclimates and soil types, resulting in wines that are a true reflection of the region's versatility.

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Nine Hats Chardonnay 

The Nine Hats Chardonnay 2020 is a testament to the brand's philosophy of embracing the versatility of the Columbia Valley. Bursting with flavors of ripe apple, citrus, and a hint of toasted oak, this Chardonnay embodies the bold spirit of Washington State. It's a wine that dances on the palate, leaving a lasting impression of the Pacific Northwest.

Nine Hats Merlot

Staying in the Columbia Valley, the Nine Hats Merlot 2019 is a wine that reminds us why Merlot deserves the spotlight. With flavors of plum, blackberry, and a touch of cocoa, it's a velvety embrace for your taste buds. This Merlot represents the harmony between the region's warmth and the winemaker's skill.

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Nine Hats Cabernet Sauvignon 

The Nine Hats Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 continues to showcase the Columbia Valley's ability to produce Cabernets that rival those from more famous regions. This wine is a powerhouse of flavor, with bold notes of black cherry, plum, and a subtle hint of tobacco.

Nine Hats Syrah

Our final destination within the Columbia Valley is the Nine Hats Syrah 2019. This wine is a true gem with its dark fruit flavors, hints of spice, and a touch of smokiness. It's a testament to the region's potential for producing exceptional Syrahs that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the world.

The Hilt Estate and Nine Hats Wines are two distinct brands that offer a glimpse into the incredible diversity of American winemaking. The Hilt Estate elevates the elegance of Santa Barbara, while Nine Hats Wines celebrates the versatility of the Columbia Valley. Whether you're sipping a glass of The Hilt Chardonnay or enjoying the bold flavors of Nine Hats Cabernet Sauvignon, these wines are a further proof of the remarkable terroirs and skilled winemakers that define American excellence in winemaking. Check out these alongside 2,000+ more bottles at the website and pour yourself a glass of American excellence.

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