philippine wine store price and delivery comparison
November 01, 2021

Wine Price Showdown: One Wine Store to Rule Them All has, and continues to be, on a journey to become the go-to wine store for Filipino wine drinkers, or “Vino for the Filipino” as we like to call it. Over the years we’ve continued to update and improve on our product offerings and our services. This year we believe we’ve accomplished our biggest change yet: not only have we brought on more of your favorite products, we’ve also permanently lowered the prices by up to 39%. This means that whenever you shop at, you can enjoy the best prices on the biggest range of wine in the Philippines — every day of the year. 

Based on our careful pricing research, we can confidently say that we now offer the best prices online for single bottle purchases for almost all wines we carry. Our prices are also now better than most of the leading supermarkets and with our automatic bulk buy discounts on orders of 6 or 12 bottles, you can enjoy even bigger savings. 

But to put our money where our mouth is, we took some of the most popular wines and compared their prices across different retailers. After all, it only means so much for us to say we have the best prices. We know you want to see for yourselves. Of course, it’s not only about price. We’ll be taking a look at everything from the selection of wines available to delivery times to return policies. 

Pricing Comparison

First, we’ll take a look at how much a bottle of wine costs at each retail store. We wanted to answer: Who has the best price? Who has the best value for money? To give a fair comparison, we looked at wines at various price points, as well as wines we know are imported to the Philippines from different suppliers. 

wine store price comparison infographic

Overall, we saw that the leading warehouse retail, as we predicted, had the best prices per bottle on all of the wines we looked at. This is simply because of the nature of their business: they are able to bulk order their products, which substantially lowers the prices they offer to customers. However, if we take out the leading warehouse retailer and simply look at the leading physical retailer and the leading online competitor, has the lowest prices on nearly every bottle. 

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial for instance, retails at ₱2,879 at the warehouse retailer but ₱3,290 at, ₱3,549 at the online competitor, and ₱3,650 at the leading physical retailer. Similarly, if we look at Yellow Tail, the prices were ₱419 at the warehouse retailer, ₱495 at, and ₱549 at both the online competitor and physical retailer. The same picture can be seen across all the wines, as well as liquors such as Ardbeg 10YO Single Malt Whiskey and Glenlivet 12YO.

In terms of best value for money, we believe is top of the class with our year-round bulk buy discounts. When analyzing the warehouse retailer and physical retailer we saw no opportunity for bulk discounts. Likewise, with the competing online retailer there is only an opportunity for bulk discounts with orders of ₱50,000 and up. 

Selection of Wine

Now when it comes to selection, we wanted to look at the variety of wines offered as well as how many bottles were in stock. What we found was that, although the leading warehouse retailer had the lowest prices, they didn’t have the same variety of wines available as online retailers. Likewise, the physical retailer had even less variety when it came to the wines we selected to survey — their selection also largely depends on which location you visit. 

Another point in terms of selection is the ease at which you can find your wines. The warehouse retailer keeps things relatively simple. The physical retailer however, organizes wines largely by either red of white or via region, rather than by brand. An example is with Beringer wines, which we found in 3 different locations in their wine aisles. If you don’t have the time to look for bottles, you have to ask one of the staff who — at no fault of their own — won’t always know which wines they have in stock or be able to answer specific questions about the styles of the wines. 

Another factor was how easy it was to determine the price. For the most part this is quite evident. However, at the physical retailer we noticed that not all wines had price tags associated so you’re limited to finding out at checkout or asking one of the staff to check their system. Online retailers however, are much clearer when it comes to making the price clear and what wines from each brand are available.  

Delivery Times

Looking at delivery times and delivery costs is a little bit more tricky when it comes to the warehouse and physical retailers as they don’t have their own services. For the sake of this article, we are treating them as purely in-person experiences. However, we do want to note they are available for delivery through partner apps such as MetroMart, Pick.A.Roo, and GoRobinsons — each with their own delivery policies and fees. Although they have the convenience of allowing you to choose your delivery date and time, you aren’t guaranteed that what you order on the app is in stock. 

With that being said, let’s look at the competing online retailer and Both offer delivery options nationwide, with cheaper rates within Metro Manila. But the similarities end there. Whilst the competing online retailer offers an on-demand service within Metro Manila they require a minimum order of ₱499 and then delivery fees of ₱99 for same day orders or ₱49 for next day delivery. Additionally, they offer free delivery for orders over ₱2,000. At, our standard lead time for Metro Manila is 2 business days with a ₱200 delivery fee for orders under ₱3,000; however, we have no minimum order requirements. 

For orders outside of Metro Manila there are a few differences. From what we could find, the competing online retailer promises a 7-15 day lead time. However, no prices were indicated as it’s dependent on the courier and the weight of your order. At, although we do work with third party couriers and prices are dependent on the weight of the box they average about  ₱80 per bottle. For NCR+ we have also implemented new delivery policies with free delivery on orders over ₱20,000 and delivery every Saturday. Outside NCR+ lead times are as follows:

  • Luzon: 3 - 5 days within city limits 
  • Visayas: 7 - 9 days within city limits 
  • Mindanao: 8 - 10 days within city limits
wine store delivery comparison infographic

Returns & Refunds

The last factor we wanted to look at were the returns and refunds policies. After all, wine is something constantly evolving so there is a possibility that the wine you buy may have a fault. Especially if it hasn’t been stored properly. This is where we think physical retailers need some improvement. Currently their policies are only applicable within 7 days of purchase and only for damaged products and subject to the approval of management. Furthermore, you have to return the item to the original location you purchased it from along with the receipt. 

The competing online retailer also has a limited returns and refund policy. According to their website, returns are only allowed within 24 hours on orders that are not opened, not used, and have defects or damages visible. If the return is deemed valid, a refund will be issued to the original payment method however, if it was Cash on Delivery it will be issued in the form of store credit. 

At we’ve established our Wine Quality Guarantee. We believe that you deserve a great wine, every time — and our guarantee is in place to ensure that if you’re not satisfied with your wine, we’ll do everything we can to fix it. All you have to do is let us know your concern through our Wine Quality Incident Form (found on our website) and a member of our team will reach out to you to organize a replacement or refund. You can claim this guarantee within 30 days of the receipt of your wines. 

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*article based on independently researched data from October 2021