Guide: Where to Bring Your Own Wine in Metro Manila

October 04, 2022 Guide: Where to Bring Your Own Wine in Metro Manila

We know how much of a killer corkage fees can be, especially when all you want is to reconnect with friends over good food and a bottle of your favorite vintage. However, let’s admit it: not all restaurants will carry the wine we’re looking for. Sometimes, it's better to just bring your own bottle. Luckily, we've found all the best places in Metro Manila to sit, dine, and bring your own bottle of wine! Here are restaurants with no corkage or corkage under ₱500:

Free Corkage


A great choice for good steak and even better pasta, Mamou has made a name for itself with their high-quality meat and indulgent dishes. Even the restaurant’s lush ambiance adds to the overall experience you get to share with friends. Put that on top of the free corkage they offer when you bring in a bottle of wine, then you've got yourself the perfect dinner out. An absolute must-try is the Lorenzo Truffle Cream Pasta perfectly paired with a bottle of Marchand Tawse Bourgogne Blanc



For something more accessible with its multiple branches across the Metro, Yabu would definitely top the list if you're looking for a delightful plate of Katsu. What better wine to go with their signature Tonkatsu set than a high acid white to cleanse the palate of any fat and oil? Our favorite one for this is a Domdechant Wernet Hochheimer Riesling which beautifully compliments the range of flavors you get in a crispy Katsu and its sauce.

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

Wine and pizza is always a good idea. With Gino's wide range of choices, their Sausage, Mushroom, Eggs, & Cream Pizza probably takes the cake as something quintessential to their brand. This popular item is rich and creamy, and we think that a sparkling wine would help to remove the "umay" that might come with it. We'd recommend taking along a bottle of Masottina Collezione 96 Rosé so it can stand up to the sausage. Bonus points that Prosecco and pizza are both Italian!


Single Origins

Although Single Origins has limited branches, they have proven to be a great go-to brunch spot, and a Single O trip is not complete without trying their Bacon and Eggs. It's excusable to drink wine for brekkie when it's Champagne but to do that on a budget, a Cava would be the next best thing. To be specific: the Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee Brut, which is bright and refreshing, perfect for starting the day light and lifting all of the heaviness of such a dish shared with great company.

The Wholesome Table

If you're up for something more earthy and down to earth, this spot is fitting for a meal out with friends. Their delicious Thai Rice Bowl finds a perfect pairing with a natural wine like Delinquente "Tuff Nut" Bianco D' Alessano Pet Nat. This wine has a tropical fruit flavor profile will go well with the green mango and pandan. And with The Wholesome Table being all about sustainable, farm-to-table eats, an organic natural wine is a great match even on this level!


These are some of the best places to bring your own wine in Metro Manila. And if you ever find yourself wanting to share more bottles of wine with your friends, you can always check out our extensive portfolio of 2,000+ wines on the website. Shop now!


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