Guide to Hosting Wine Night
February 05, 2024 Guide to Hosting Wine Night

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love than by hosting an intimate and sophisticated wine dinner for your special someone? has created the ultimate guide! We'll take you through the essentials of creating a memorable evening filled with exquisite wines, delectable bites, and a romantic atmosphere. From selecting the perfect wine glasses to curating a thematic wine list, we've got you covered. So whether you're having a partner over or some friends to celebrate single-hood, this is a fool-proof way of having a seamless wine night! Let's uncork the secrets to hosting a Valentine's Day wine dinner that will leave a lasting impression on your loved one.

Setting The Scene

Let's talk ambiance! First up, invest in glasses that make your wine shine like the star it is. Forget about fancy brand names – find stemware that feels like an extension of your style. And hey, a reliable corkscrew doesn't need to be dull – pick one that adds a touch of class to the uncorking ceremony. As for decor and tablescape: play with heights. Add touches of florals and even candles, it doesn't have to be anything fancy and over the top! Use ones that you have lying around at home.

Choosing and Buying Wine

Selecting the right wines is the cornerstone of a successful wine dinner. Consider crafting a theme that weaves a narrative through the evening – perhaps a celebration of diverse Chardonnays or a journey through the red wines of the Rhône Valley. Take on the role of the sole curator, ensuring your guests feel the personal touch in each selection. Plan for five to seven wines for small groups, or a bottle or two, if it's just you and a partner. Aim for a generous pour, allowing the flavors to dance on the palate. Remember, having more wine than expected is always a wise decision, as leftovers are never an issue in when it comes to wine.

Food Options

The mistake of insufficient food could be a nightmare even with the most well-curated wine selection. Make sure to integrate culinary delights into your tasting experience by deciding between passed bites or a seated meal. Showcase your culinary skills or even order in if that's easier, just make sure that each dish harmonizes with the wines on display. Consider guests' contributions to cover food costs if needed, but having the menu go with your wine adds a level of sophistication and leaves a lasting impression. If you're having trouble with your food and wine pairing check out this video where our wine experts talk about it!

Tell Stories

Create an engaging and educational experience by sharing stories about the wines throughout the evening. Keep it light and entertaining, presenting each wine individually with a brief narrative about its origins, people, and cultural significance. Encourage questions and foster a relaxed learning environment. If you're not the expert, consider inviting a witty, knowledgeable host to take charge of the storytelling.

Music and Atmosphere

Curate a playlist that complements the theme and encourages conversation without overpowering. Adjust lighting for a moody yet inviting atmosphere, using candles sparingly to avoid interference with wine aromas. Add thoughtful details, such as high-quality hand soap and well-stocked bathroom essentials.

As the evening gracefully concludes, leave your guests with a surprise – perhaps a special nightcap. Consider gifting unopened bottles, reserving a hidden Champagne for a private celebration, or giving them just a simple token. Hosting a Valentine's Day wine dinner transcends the act of pouring wine; it's about creating an experience that reflects your thoughtfulness, passion, and love for your guests. As you bid farewell to an evening of shared stories, laughter, and exceptional wine, raise a glass to the success of your romantic and unforgettable Valentine's Day wine dinner. Let us help you with your fist dinner, check out our selection of wines over at!