The Guide to the Best Wines for Beer Lovers
October 24, 2022

The Guide to the Best Wines for Beer Lovers

Do you happen to have a go-to beer but often get lost on which wine you really like? Fret not; it happens to more people than you think – which is why is here, so we could help you figure out which wine might actually speak best to beer lovers out there. Admittedly, Beer and Wine are two completely different alcoholic beverages with their own reputation and loyal audience. Wine, oftentimes, is seen as something exclusive that would need a certain level of knowledge to fully appreciate, while Beer is something easy, cheap, and chuggable. However true this may be, it can also be restricting. There are some wines that are as approachable and as refreshing as beer, and vice-versa; there are beers that are complex and nuanced. Luckily, we believe that there is always a bottle of wine for every Filipino – yes, even those who claim to only drink beer. Here are some recommendations for those who are looking to ease from the tap room into the tasting room. 


If you gravitate towards clean and crisp beers like Lagers and Pilsners because of their lightness and drinkability, then you might want to try something as equally refreshing like a Cava, specifically something that is brut. The light bubbles of a Cava is something that could be reminiscent that of a light Lager and Pilsner – and if it’s something that brut, you get all the flavors you are after without all the added sweetness. Refreshing and easy-to-drink, this relatively affordable Spanish bubbly could be the gateway for those who like this classic beer.

Try: Freixenet Elyssia Gran Cuvee



Much like a Belgian Ale’s characteristics of being fruit-forward, complex, and perfumed with floral notes, a Grenache Blanc boasts a lot of similar qualities. Light in appearance but with a kicker alcoholic content, both of these beverages are still approachable to the palate. So, for those looking for something strong while still being fruity and agreeable, then a Grenache Blanc might be right up your alley.

Try: Ferraton Pere & Fils Grenache Blanc



Dry, acidic, and citrusy, a Grüner Veltliner is bound to catch the attention of IPA drinkers. With a hoppy and cidery taste to this wine, it would surely bring to mind the same flavors you get from an IPA. Both with different and interesting flavor profiles, these beverages could definitely cater to the same audience for those looking for something herby and fruity.

Try: Laurenz V Friendly Grüner Veltliner



For those who prefer a nice tall glass of something thick and bold like a Bock then an equally bold Malbec might be your glass of wine. With dark and plummy qualities, both Malbecs and Bocks are full-bodied alcoholic beverages that go down easy. 

 Try: Terrazas de los Andes Grand Malbec



Here's one for those who are fans of Dark Beers. Much like a Stout's bold and distinct flavor, a classic Left Bank Bordeaux also boasts similar traits. Both with typical chocolate, coffee, and savory notes — the complexity of a Bordeaux could do great to a Stout-lover.

Try: L'amiral de Beychevelle Saint Julien



Perfect for those who look for a bit of sourness and funkiness in a beer like Farm House Ale, we think that a bottle of Natural Wine might be a great choice for you to try. The biodynamically farmed grapes used to make a bottle of this wine give it a yeasty and funky character that is prominent in the glass.

Try: Lammidia Panda

So whether you find yourself craving a glass of beer or wine, know that there is always a choice to satisfy your palate. If you ever find yourself looking to try any of these wine, you can always check them out and 2,000+ more wines on the website