The Holiday Gift Guide

October 13, 2021

The Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the season of gifting but with ongoing COVID restrictions, you might be struggling to find the perfect gifts or even how to easily (and safely) send your gifts. Fret not. We’ve got you covered. Our team has expertly curated Christmas gift packs so you can find something for everyone on your list — from friends and family to colleagues to VIP clients. After all, no one returns wine (at least we hope not)  Plus, we can deliver your gifts anywhere in the Philippines straight to your recipients doorsteps! So get ready to toast to a peaceful holiday and the promise of a bright new year. 

Gourmet Wine & Grocery Hampers

wineryph gourmet wine and grocery gift hamper for christmas gift

Our Gourmet Wine & Grocery Hampers combine best selling wines, gourmet groceries, and imported snacks for a complete gift package. They’re designed to provide a complementing balance of wine and food items that ensure your recipients feel your appreciation for them — a fitting culmination for a tough year. Choose from packs complete with everything for a delicious pasta dinner or packs complete with appetizers, main course, and dessert! For that added touch, you can opt to have your gift delivered in our holiday-exclusive gift hampers or in our signature box. 

shop wineryph wine grocery gift hampers

E-Numan Packs

winerph enuman gift packs for christmas beer and snacks

If you’re planning a virtual holiday celebration, our e-Numan packs will help make everyone feel connected. We’ve put together packs of either beer, wine, or champagne and paired them with tasty snacks you can enjoy together virtually. Go for the classic wine and cheese pairing, a casual beer and nuts pack, or add that holiday sparkle with our champagne packs paired with either chocolate or pate and crackers. We’ll take care of sending them out to you and your recipients so you can sit back, relax, receive, and enjoy each other’s company. 

shop wineryph e numan packs

Wine Gift Packs

winerph wine gift packs for christmas gift

For those who are looking for a straightforward, but thoughtful gift, we’ve got a number of Wine Gift Packs to choose from. Whether your recipient is a lover of red wine, a white wine aficionado, or a fan of sparkling wine there’s an option for you. Alternatively, you can gift a wine that you feel is a recognition (and reflection) of what it is you admire and appreciate about them. We’ve got preselected wines that come in a stylish green carrier or an elegant wooden box. The best part is these can be fully customizable: if there’s a specific wine you have in mind and it isn’t on our list of Wine Gift Packs you can switch it out with any other wine you find on Simply get in touch with our team at for more details.

shop wine gift packs wineryph


winerph evoucher corporate giveaway

Can’t decide between our options above, or need a special giveaway? We have the perfect solution: e-Vouchers. These are as good as cash and can be used sitewide to purchase anything from premium wines to gourmet groceries and even wine accessories — plus they can be used on any promos that are in effect. If you’re looking to offer these as holiday giveaways, we do also offer customizable options that include your logo and a custom value. 

shop wineryph e vouchers

If you’d like to inquire about corporate gift orders, please visit our Corporate Gifts Page to download our complete 2021 Corporate Gift Catalogue or get in touch with our team at 

*In case of stock run out, unavailable items will be replaced with equivalent or higher value product

*Gift hamper option is limited to Metro Manila orders

*Packs with perishable items are limited to Metro Manila orders  

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