Born on the remote Scottish Isle of Islay (eye-lah), Ardbeg is enjoyed around the world. Over 200 years of experience, the Ardbeg whiskey expressions have won six different prestigious titles and are famous for producing heavily peated whiskey. Shop the range today to enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines and nationwide shipping.

Enjoy 200 Years of Excellence with Ardbeg Whiskey

Founded in 1815, Ardbeg began producing whiskey in a typical Islay style. In 1887 they were producing over 1.1 million liters a year, however in 1981 production halted. It soon resumed but on a much smaller scale and full production resumed after 1998 when Glenmorangie purchased the distillery. Since then, Ardbeg has become an award-winning brand loved around the world.

They use the most phenolic malt, aka the smokiest, in the business. At the distillery this is crushed into grist by their iconic and rare Boby malt mill which was installed in 1921. Water from Loch Uigeadail is then added and the mashing process begins. After this they add yeast to begin the fermentation process, which is much longer than other distilleries due to the high phenolic content of the original malt. It’s during the distillation process that Ardbeg gets its great balance and complexity, because despite the heavy peat notes, they never overpower the other flavors. After this, all that is left is to let it mature.

For the Ardbeg Ten Years Old, they use barrels. For the Ardbeg Uigeadail they may use Sherry Butts and new French oak barrels for Ardbeg Corryvreckan. You might also notice a salty, iodine character in your bottle of Ardberg. This is thanks to the distillery's proximity to the sea. Shop the collection above to enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines with nationwide shipping options.