Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Named after Baron Philippe who transformed his family’s land in Bordeaux into the winery we know today, Baron Philippe de Rothschild wines helped introduce the world to Bordeaux. From their origins in 1924, they now produce wines under multiple brands, including Escudo Rojo in Chile. Shop Baron Philippe de Rothschild wines today and savor a century of know-how in French style varieties.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild: A Visionary in the World of Wine

When Baron Philippe de Rothschild took over his family’s estate of Chateau Mouton, he started a tradition of producing world-class Bordeaux wines. In 1924 he began production at the chateau and by 1932 had released his second wine called Mouton-Cadet. This wine became so popular that he expanded it and thus this wine was the introduction to Bordeaux for many wine drinkers. However, WWII threatened the estate and it was all but destroyed when Philippe returned to France in 1945. 

After years of rebuilding the vineyards at the chateau, Baron Philippe de Rothschild was able to get the estate officially labelled as Premier Cru Classe. Then in 1973, he partnered with Robert Mondavi to create Opus One: the first Franco-Californian premium wine that was planted and produced in the traditional Bordeaux manner. Since then, he has continued to revolutionize the world of wine. Working with contemporary artists to develop the wine labels for Mouton Rothschild and developing other world-class wine brands such as Cadet d’Oc, a marriage of Pays d’Oc richness and Baron Philippe de Rothschild elegance and style, and Mouton Cadet, designed to guarantee the best quality from grape to glass. 

In 1999, Baron Philippe de Rothschild created Escudo Rojo: combining the know-how of Baron Philippe de Rothschild with the unique terroir of Chile. Shop these French and Chilean wines today and discover the visionary style of Baron Philippe de Rothschild. Enjoy secure online checkouts with shipping options anywhere in the Philippines. We guarantee you a good bottle every time, and back our wines with our Wine Quality Guarantee.