A modern sparkling wine you can enjoy year-round, Chandon brings you affordable luxury. From the same house as Moët & Chandon, this is the sparkling wine created to help you celebrate life’s everyday moments. Shop Chandon today and enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines, plus nationwide shipping.

Cheers to Life’s Everyday Moments with Chandon Argentina

Chandon came to life when Robert Jean de Vogue, the Director of Moët & Chandon, realized that wine growing regions other than Champagne could produce high-quality wines. Together with winemaker Renaud Poirier, they came across Mendoza, Argentina. Already a renowned wine-growing region in the country, Mendoza has a terroir perfect for producing wines with great structure and balance. Thus in 1959, Chandon Argentina opened up as the first Moët & Chandon daughter company to establish itself overseas. Armed with 270 years of French heritage combined with new world innovations, Chandon started producing fantastically balanced wines.

Today Chandon has locations worldwide: Australia, California, China, Argentina, Brazil, and India. This has made them known as the only label in the world where the sun never sets. This is what allows them to offer high-quality sparkling wines at more cost-friendly prices. Whether you’re after a classic sparkling wine, something pink and fruity, or a refreshing option over ice, there’s a bottle of Chandon Sparkling Wine for you. Open a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy the little things in life.

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