Cloudy Bay Vineyards

Established in 1985, Cloudy Bay Vineyards produce wines that are truly of the region — enhancing the flavors naturally provided by the terroir. This has made them a benchmark Marlborough wine when it comes to New World sophisticated wines. Their Sauvignon Blanc in particular has been truly fantastic as is their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Shop our selection of Cloudy Bay wines below and enjoy convenient delivery anywhere in the Philippines.

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Established in 1988 by David Hohnen, founder of Cape Mentelle in Australia, Cloudy Bay Vineyards is one of the first estates to be established in Marlborough, New Zealand. Since then it has put the region on the map in terms of sophisticated New World wines, especially with their Sauvignon Blanc. However, they also produce a fantastic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. But what is it that has made these wines have an almost cult-like following?

The answer lies in terroir. Cloudy Bay put an emphasis on producing wines of the region. In other words, they are committed to producing wines that enhance the pure and bracing flavors provided by the climate and soils of Marlborough. Thanks to their location, which is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and Richmond Range Mountains, grapes are exposed to a unique maritime climate that has the longest hours of sunshine anywhere in New Zealand. Combined with well-draining stony soils and the temperature fluctuations between day and night, these grapes have a balance between berry ripeness and acidity.

Their Sauvignon Blanc is loved for its aromatic character with notes of tropical fruits, freshly cut grass, green bell pepper, and stoney minerality. Overall, it’s a crisp white wine that reflects both the terroir and the varietal character. The Chardonnay is another beautiful white wine: delicious, creamy, and fragrant. Opening a bottle of this brings notes of baking bread, honeycomb, and cashews with flavors of pink grapefruit and apricot. The Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir possesses dark aromas of black cherry and flavors of rose, violet, and ripe berry fruit combined with silky tannins.

These wines are perfect for both new and old wine lovers as they express the best of the best, especially when it comes to white wine. Browse the selection of Cloudy Bay wines above and enjoy convenient online checkout with delivery options anywhere in the Philippines.