Dom Pérignon

From the house of Moët & Chandon, Dom Pérignon is a premium luxury champagne only produced in vintages. Evoking luxury and indulgence, Dom Pérignon is perfect for those truly special occasions. In fact it was the champagne of choice for Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their wedding. Shop below for best prices on Dom Pérignon in the Philippines and enjoy this beautifully complex yet balanced vintage champagne.

Indulge with Dom Pérignon Champagne in the Philippines

Only ever produced as a vintage champagne — meaning the grapes used are all from the same year — Dom Pérignon is one of the true premium luxury Champagnes. It’s name dates back to a 17th century monk, Dom Pierre Pérignon. Pérignon was the cellar master in the Abbey of Hautvillers and had a dream of creating the best wine in the world. This motivation is what runs at the heart of Dom Pérignon Champagnes.

To maintain high quality, there are no more than 6 vintages per decade, with each vintage being released three times. The first is typically released 9 years after being produced, the second after 18 years, and the third after 25 years. This is why you’ll see either P1, P2, or P3 on your Dom Pérignon bottles to denote when the vintage was released.

Overall, Dom Pérignon Champagnes are remarkably complex, smooth, and balanced for a vintage champagne. However, it’s difficult to note the exact flavors as each vintage expresses a unique flavor profile. Nevertheless, each bottle exudes an air of luxury and indulgence making it the champagne of choice at Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding.

Order your Dom Pérignon bottles today and enjoy safe and secure shipping straight to your door anywhere in the Philippines. Serving tip: don’t remove the foil from the bottle. Dom Pérignon has a special vintage foil that isn’t meant to be removed, simply remove the cage as if the foil was not there. If you want to cellar your bottles, the best temperature for Dom Pérignon is at 13°C to maintain its quality.