The leader in cognac, Maison Hennessy has shined around the world with exceptional know-how for over 250 years. Based in the Charente region in France, their cognacs are the result of centuries of tradition and knowledge passed down generations. Today, they are the best selling cognac in the world. Shop Hennessy cognac today to enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines.

Buy Best Selling Hennessy Cognac in the Philippines

Hennessy starts production the same any winemaker would - with quality vineyards. Located in Cognac, France, Hennessy grows up to 750,000 hectares of Ugni grape vineyards. A late maturing varietal, these grapes strike the perfect balance between high acidity and a low alcohol content. Every year they are harvested at full ripeness, the grapes are pressed, and the juice is turned into wine.

From here, the wine undergoes a double distillation process to transform it into eaux-de-vie. During the first distillation, a raw spirit called brouillis is produced but it’s in the second where a higher alcohol content spirit is created. From this, only the “heart” - a clear, colorless liquid - is saved. This is the eaux-de-vie: the basis of every Hennessy cognac.

Each eaux-de-vie produced is then aged in oak barrels, where flavors and colors are exchanged. This stage takes years and several rotations between barrels to achieve the desired complexity of flavor. The next step is blending. Each Hennessy cognac is made up of a careful blend of eaux-de-vie selected by the Master Blender to create the signature Hennessy cognac. Once blended, the liquid may once again be aged. Once it’s achieved the ideal complexity of flavors, the cognac is bottled and sent across the world for all of us to enjoy.

All of this results in your favorite Hennessy cognac, whether the Hennessy VS, VSOP, or XO. Shop your favorite Hennessy bottles above today. Enjoy our convenient online checkouts and nationwide shipping options anywhere in the Philippines.