Jacob's Creek

Rooted in 170 years of winemaking tradition, Jacob’s Creek is one of the most awarded wineries in the world. Born from a small vineyard along the banks of Jacob’s Creek in Australia’s Barossa Valley, today they offer wine lovers a wide range of fresh, great-tasting wines everyone can enjoy. Buy your favorite Jacob’s Creek wines below and enjoy the best prices online in the Philippines.

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Jacob’s Creek began when Johann Gramp, a Bavarian native, planted his first vineyard along the banks of Jacob’s Creek in Australia’s Barossa Valley in 1847. This was the start of the Gramp & Sons Winery and began a history of winemaking innovation that continues today. Over 100 years later in 1976, the Jacob’s Creek brand was officially born with the release of a 1973 vintage blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon from Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale and Malbec from Padthaway.

Since then, Jacob’s Creek has won a number of awards. In 1994, they were awarded the Maurice O’Shea Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Wine Industry. This was the first time this was awarded to a brand rather than an individual. Then in 2008, the World Association of Wine Writers and Journalists ranked Jacob’s Creek as number one in 2008 World’s 100 Best Wineries.

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