Engkanto Green Lava Double IPA 330mL (4 Pack)




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Country of Origin: Philippines
Beer Style: Double IPA
Producer: Engkanto
Alcohol / ABV %: 8.0%
Volume: 330ml

Tasting Notes

Revel in the boldness of Green Lava, a big Double IPA that’s not holding anything back. Our liberal use of high-quality hops is artfully balanced with the malt backbone of the beer while a light filtering process retains the hoppy flavors and notes of grapefruit, mango, pineapple, and apricot.

The delicate addition of rolled oats creates our DIPA’s creamy and hazy appearance. Match this beer that has high levels of alcohol and bitterness with the robust taste of lamb, smoked meats, sharp cheeses, and sweet desserts.

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