Malbec Wine

Malbec wines have become a popular daily-drinking red wine in the Philippines. The juicy dark-fruit flavors and smoky finish of Malbec wine has made it a classic pairing at Manila’s steakhouses. Discover your favorites from our curated selection from Argentina, USA, and Chile. Order today and try them with your favorite grilled meats such as pork BBQ or spaghetti with red sauce.

Great Value Malbec Wines in the Philippines

As the community of wine drinkers in the Philippines continues to grow, Malbec has become a popular red wine amongst Filipinos. Despite it being a lesser known variety than Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, its flavor profile makes it an easy pairing with many Filipino dishes. Think pork BBQ, arroz a la cubana, asado, and beef mechado. This makes sense when you remember that most Malbec wines we are familiar with originate from Argentina: a country that shares many of the same tastes as the Philippines. But, good-value Malbec wines don’t only come from Argentina. You’ll also find great options from Chile and the USA.
To make sure the best Malbec wines reach our customers, the team’s panel of expert and ameteur sommeliers tastes each wine. Only approved wines make it to our online store. This way we aim to empower Filipino wine drinkers, by guaranteeing any wine they order will be of great value and great quality. We also make a commitment to bring wine to the Philippines that will do well with the climate. All our wine is stored in an air-conditioned warehouse and carefully packaged so that quality isn’t compromised. Order online today to take the first step to discover your new favorite red wine and add it to your rotation.