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Originally from France, Malbec wine is among the most popular red wines for steak in the world! Today, Argentina Malbec is this red wine’s most popular style, full of juicy and smoky flavors that make it a classic for barbecue. Discover your new favorite Malbec at, the biggest online range of wines in the Philippines. Shop now and enjoy nationwide shipping and same-day Metro Manila delivery!


As the community of Filipino wine lovers continues to grow, Malbec is slowly becoming one of the most popular red wines in the Philippines. Despite not being quite as well-known as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, Malbec’s elegant flavor profile (as well as its gorgeous inky purple color) is gaining it a following, especially among foodies. This red wine’s full body, medium tannins, and distinctive smokiness and plummy flavors make it an ideal steak wine—in fact, it’s a classic wine pairing with grilled meat and barbecue at many Metro Manila steakhouses!

At, we curate some of the best Malbec red wines in the Philippines, sourcing these from famous wine regions all over the world. Argentina Malbec is the most famous style of this red wine and is actually the country’s star grape. We also carry examples of Malbec from France, which is where the varietal originates from. While France and Argentina are the most famous producers of Malbec, great examples are also found in countries like Chile.

Our collection of Malbec red wines doesn’t just extend across regions but also budgets and price ranges. Those looking for luxurious takes on this beautiful wine will enjoy takes by famous Argentinian wineries like Achaval Ferrer, Terrazas de Los Andes, and Bodega Lagarde, as well as Chilean winemaker Montes. Other looking for more accessible bottles of Malbec will enjoy the Cigar Box Malbec and Villa Des Causses Malbec (previously known as the Lionel Osmin La Reserve Malbec).
So that only the best Malbec wines reach our customers, our panel of Metro Manila wine experts conducts tastings of our collection—which is stored in a temperature-controlled facility and packaged carefully to ensure quality. 

Whether you’re looking for Argentina Malbec or want to explore bottles from France and Chile, you will find Malbecs for all tastes here at Explore the world of red wine further and explore our diverse range of Malbec today! Shop now and enjoy our nationwide shipping service and same-day Metro Manila delivery!

What does Malbec taste like?
What specific notes you pick up from your glass of Malbec can depend on where it was grown. However, there are things that are signature to the grape, regardless of terroir. In general, you can expect Malbec red wine to be jammy and fruity with savory notes like coffee, leather, and pepper—as well as a distinctively smoky finish that makes it a hit with barbecue and steak! It is usually dry and full-bodied, with medium tannins and acidity.

Cool-climate Malbec (as seen in France) tends to lean towards more tart red cherry and raspberry flavors, with more savory notes such as leather and spice. Meanwhile, the same wine from warmer climates (such as Argentina Malbec) will be more fruit-forward, with more dark fruit like blackberries and plums, as well as a hint of chocolate.

What regions are known for Malbec?
Malbec was first cultivated in France, and is still grown today in regions such as Cahors—not far from Bordeaux, which is why it’s commonly used in the region’s famous red wine blends. On its own, French Malbec is known for its more savory notes and tart currant flavors. Due to its poor resistance to cooler weather and pests, Malbec is considered a minor grape in France, but held in high esteem nonetheless.

Argentina Malbec is easily the most famous and distinctive style of this red wine. Malbec thrives in the country’s sunnier climate and higher elevations, which bring out the grape’s fruitiness and jamminess. Today, it is Argentina’s star grape: it even produces 75% of all Malbec in the world.

However, Malbec doesn’t stop at just Argentina and France. Like Argentina, Chile is mountainous and enjoys plenty of sunshine, which is why they also produce good examples of Malbec worth trying, especially with some barbecue. 

As the community of wine drinkers in the Philippines continues to grow, Malbec has become a popular red wine amongst Filipinos. Despite it being a lesser known variety than Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, its flavor profile makes it an easy pairing with many Filipino dishes. Think pork BBQ, arroz a la cubana, asado, and beef mechado. This makes sense when you remember that most Malbec wines we are familiar with originate from Argentina: a country that shares many of the same tastes as the Philippines. But, good-value Malbec wines don’t only come from Argentina. You’ll also find great options from Chile and the USA.
To make sure the best Malbec wines reach our customers, the team’s panel of expert and ameteur sommeliers tastes each wine. Only approved wines make it to our online store. This way we aim to empower Filipino wine drinkers, by guaranteeing any wine they order will be of great value and great quality. We also make a commitment to bring wine to the Philippines that will do well with the climate. All our wine is stored in an air-conditioned warehouse and carefully packaged so that quality isn’t compromised. Order online today to take the first step to discover your new favorite red wine and add it to your rotation.