Merlot Wine

A fantastic and approachable red wine, Merlot is a velvety and easy-drinking wine great for wine beginners in the Philippines. In fact, it is one of the world’s most popular wine varieties after Cabernet Sauvignon. Browse our selection of Merlot wines from Australia, France, and the USA that range from elegant to fruit-forward. Order today and enjoy on its own or with lechon or a charcuterie board.

Shop the Best Selection of Merlot Wine in the Philippines

Although Merlot wine isn’t as popular as other red wine varieties, we think it is a fantastic choice for the Philippines. Generally less aggressive than Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot has a standard profile of red fruits, easy tannins, and a soft velvety finish. This makes it a very approachable red wine for beginners, however, it is also loved amongst experienced wine drinkers for its ability to pair with food.

As Merlot wine falls in the middle of the red wine spectrum, it can easily pair with different dishes. However, it does best with light meats and lightly spiced dark meats. So think of your lechon, porchetta, and roast chickens when pairing with Merlot wine. You should also take into account where your Merlot is from, as the climate can impact the flavor. Those from warmer climates like Australia and Argentina typically have more fruit-forward profiles while those from cooler climates like France and Italy are more earthy, but you’ll still find those red fruit notes.

Discover these different flavors today by browsing our selection of Merlot wines above at the best prices in the Philippines. We strive to offer wine lovers in the Philippines with the best quality and value-for-money wines. This means all our wines are carefully selected to ensure they will suit not only the Filipino palate but the Filipino climate as well. Order your Merlot wine today and we’ll deliver it to you anywhere in the Philippines as quickly and safely as possible.