Producing beautiful rosé wine from Côtes de Provence, Château Minuty is a family estate belonging to the Matton-Farnet family for over 80 years. Combining traditional methods with advanced technologies, they work hard to ensure the quality of their wines. Discover their fresh rosé’s below, expertly made from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah, at the best prices online in the Philippines.

Château Minuty: Côtes de Provence Rosé Wine

A well-known and recognized estate in Côtes de Provence, Château Minuty has been a family estate for nearly a century under the Matton-Farnet name. Gabriel Farnet, who owned Domaine de Chateauneuf, acquired Château Minuty in 1936 and replanted the entire estate. This allowed it to regain its original glory after WWII. In the later years his granddaughter, Monique Farnet, and her husband Etienne Matton would replant the traditional Provençal grapes, seeking a high quality of wine-making that would establish Château Minuty on the greatest tables of the French Riviera.

M Minuty is their entry-level rosé wine, but don’t let that think it's less than their other wines. It’s a fantastic representation of Château Minuty, simple but seductive, bringing the attention to the fruit that made it. This is a great option with the right amount of freshness that can accompany you from aperitif to dessert. Grenache is chosen for its elegant aromas, Cinsault for its freshness, and Syrah for its complexity. The same blend can be found in the Minuty Prestige that resulted from a desire to bring the signature wine to a wider audience to showcase the Provençal terroir. A shimmering pink wine with crisp aromas of yellow grapefruit, whitecurrant, and fresh berries this rose is strong and clean on the palate with a zingy aftertaste.

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